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cooling plate brazing furnace for electricity car battery

cooling plate brazing furnace outline

The battery cooling plate brazing furnace is an automated production line specifically designed for producing electric vehicle battery cooling plates.

The production process mainly involves welding two aluminum plates together using a high-temperature melting composite layer to achieve a good cooling effect.

This brazing furnace can be customized according to customer requirements to ensure customer investment costs and production efficiency.

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Brazing process

In the production process of battery cooling plate brazing furnace, aluminum plates are sent as welding materials to the furnace for heating.

The furnace is heated using a collaborative method of natural gas and electricity to achieve a high temperature on the surface of the aluminum plate, and the composite layer on the surface of the aluminum plate will be melted,

The product automatically enters the cooling zone and welds two aluminum plates together

furnace technical parameter

Heating typeNatural gas
max temperature750℃
Cooling typeair cooling
flux ShowerYES
Control systemindustrial computer
Power Supply380V 50-60Hz
delivery time120 day
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cooling plate brazing furnace

This brazing furnace has the advantages of high automation, high production efficiency, and good welding quality.

During the production process, workers only need to place the aluminum plate on the workbench of the brazing furnace, and other production processes will be fully automated

When customizing the battery plate brazing furnace, the customer needs to inform us of the production efficiency and product size of the equipment. We will design and manufacture this equipment according to the customer’s requirements

In short, by purchasing our battery plate brazing furnace, you will receive comprehensive technical support and services to ensure that your production process is efficient, stable, and of high quality.

We will always accompany you and provide professional, efficient, and reliable technical support and services for your production.

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