Vacuum Gas Quenching Furnace Manufacturer

Product Description This vacuum gas quenching furnace is suitable for quenching high-speed tool steel, cutting steel, and other alloy steels. It has a convection heating function and can achieve fully automatic stage quenchin...



Nitrogen Generator Manufacturer in China

The nitrogen generator refers to a machine that uses air as the main raw material and uses physical methods to separate oxygen and nitrogen from it to obtain nitrogen. This equipment usually consists of an air compressor, an ...



vacuum heat treatment furnace at best price in China

This vacuum heat treatment furnace is an industrial production equipment with a vacuum environment, which has a wide range of applications, such as the military industry, shipbuilding industry, digital products, pharmaceutical i...



mesh belt furnace for continuous heat treatment

Product Description The mesh belt furnace is a continuous large-scale production furnace designed specifically for industry, with a maximum temperature of 1150 ℃. It is widely used in various heat treatment production, includ...



used vacuum furnace Sell at a low price

Our partner purchases and sells used vacuum furnace in China. There are various types of vacuum furnaces in the warehouse, and his warehouse has a long-term inventory of 30-50 vacuum furnaces of various functional sizes. You are...



Vacuum brazing technology for improving efficiency

Vacuum brazing is a technology that uses aluminum materials for welding in a vacuum environment. In a vacuum environment, there is no gas interference during the welding process, which can better control the welding quality and strength. Compa...



cooling plate brazing furnace for electricity car battery

cooling plate brazing furnace outline The battery cooling plate brazing furnace is an automated production line specifically designed for producing electric vehicle battery cooling plates. The production process mainly inv...



CAB brazing furnace of New technology

CAB brazing furnace outline Introducing our top aluminum CAB brazing furnace, the MAFU of this furnace is constructed using the highest quality SS316L material and a new generation of technology To meet the production need...



furnace brazing for aluminum radiator

furnace brazing outline The Furnace brazing is a key machine for producing aluminum radiators and automotive condensers. This furnace adopts a continuous production method. It is a customized brazing production line for large...



furnace Temperature data acquisition for selling

The Furnace temperature data acquisition is applicable to high-temperature data recording, It is applicable to aluminum brazing, spraying, smelting, and other industries. This instrument needs to be put in an insulated box fo...



furnace brazing services for aluminum radiator

summarize The purchased furnace comes from us. We provide full furnace brazing services, from manufacturing aluminum fins to complete radiators, Our team has an average working experience of more than 15 years. We provide bra...



furnace brazing aluminum Radiator and condenser

furnace brazing outline The furnace brazing aluminum radiator and condenser are customized production lines manufactured with the latest technology, Aluminum plate operation areas, pre-heating degreasing areas, flux spray ...