brazing furnace temperature recording instrument

furnace temperature recording instrument Advantages and features 1. The instrument adopts computer direct reading display, which is more convenient to operate 2. High efficiency, continuously store data for 16 times, each time it can be tested...



aluminum tube mill High frequency welding production

aluminum tube production 1. Considering the transportation cost, the proportion of internal and external ore may be adjusted for ore preparation, and the proportion of internal ore will increase. 2. In order to ensure the profit of aluminum pi...



Nitrogen make machine

technical parameter name:Nitrogen make machine Model: CH-20 Nitrogen production: 1.5 m3 / h (customized) Nitrogen purity: 99.5-99.9 (customized) Nitrogen output pressure: < 0.8MPa Air input pressure: < 0.8...



How does vacuum brazing work

Vacuum brazing furnace is a large Bai type heat treatment equipment, which can carry out vacuum brazing, vacuum annealing, vacuum aging and other processing. Several different programs can be programmed to control and program hundreds of heat t...



Aluminum brazing process using continuous brazing furnace

Surface preparation of workpiece   In order to ensure the formation of uniform and high-quality brazed joint, the oil and oxide on the surface of the workpiece must be removed before welding; in order to improve the solderability of some ...



Possible problems of continuous nitrogen protection brazing furnace

Main features of aluminum brazing furnace   1. From the stirring and spraying of flux, the drying, brazing and cooling of the products are carried out continuously and automatically, which ensures the mass production and saves the cost of...



Aluminum brazing process

Aluminum welding method:   Almost all kinds of welding methods can be used to weld aluminum and aluminum alloy, but the adaptability of aluminum and aluminum alloy to various welding methods is different, and each welding method has its o...



Factors affecting the quality of aluminum brazing

The common brazing defects of aluminum heat exchanger mainly include lack of penetration, corrosion, bending and lodging of fins, solder loss, gray and black color of heat exchanger, poor adhesion of flux residue affecting paint adhesion and pecul...



Flux and brazing process

Flux and brazing process   The first NB furnace in the world was invented by Alcan company of Canada in 78, and its registered trademark is NOCOLOK. Flux was developed by Solvay company in 78-79. Flux was mainly a mixture of KF and aif...



aluminum brazing furnace Temperature management

1.  Overview Protective atmosphere continuous aluminum brazing furnace is a kind of brazing equipment for aluminum radiator. It is suitable for brazing aluminum radiator, condenser, evaporator, intercooler and oil cooler. It is widely used in veh...



Condenser tube grooving machine

Description: Workpiece specification:D Type/ Round Type Manifold Pipe Baffle Hole:as per customer's requirements Slot quantity:Customer setting themselves Precision tolerance range:Per customer's requirements Pipe Processed...



condenser Aluminum tube bending machine

To have the aluminum tubes coil go throughdecoiling ,straightening ,bending , necking down and cutting into the required bending tubes. Through changing different tooling to bend for various flat tubes and data can be directlysaved . It is consist...