Finned tube Machine Manufacturer from China

Machine Overview

This finned tube machine can produce low-finned tubes, 2-metal tubes, and single-metal tubes. This tube is mainly used in industrial cooling, petroleum industry, ships, etc

The main driving force of this device comes from an 11kw motor, which drives the gears to output strong power at a variable speed, allowing three sets of roller molds to be squeezed simultaneously to form the desired shape

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Finned tube Machine working video

Technical parameter of machine

1Tube outer diameterɸ25mm / ɸ64mm / ɸ77mm
2Suitable fin materialsaluminum & copper
3Mac rolling speed0.6-0.9m/min
4Main driving motor power11kw, 22kw
5Overall dimensionAbout 205*76*143cm
6Machine weightAbout 1650kg

Application of machine

1, Highly competitive prices

The design structure of this machine is compact, powerful, and has a very high cost-performance ratio

2, Humanized control device

The machine has undergone a simplified design, and the entire control device does not have complex processes. With simple training, the tube fin machine can be easily operated

3, Molds for multi-scale applications

A mold can produce multiple different pipe diameters, and this design can greatly save the factory’s operating costs

4, Automatic lubrication system

The roller squeezing the fin tube generates a large amount of heat, and the machine is equipped with a recyclable coolant,

5, Customizable machine appearance

We accept customization of the appearance of the pipe equipment to support the overall aesthetics of your factory workshop