CAB brazing furnace of New technology

CAB brazing furnace outline

Introducing our top aluminum CAB brazing furnace, the MAFU of this furnace is constructed using the highest quality SS316L material and a new generation of technology

To meet the production needs of aluminum radiators, condensers, intercoolers, and other automotive cooling products, It is suitable for batch and continuous large-scale production


Our CAB brazing furnace is made of a durable and sturdy iron frame and coated with a layer of high-temperature-resistant paint. You can choose any color you like.

The Mafu is surrounded by a layer of asbestos to ensure that the temperature does not lose, to achieve uniform heat distribution, and to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the production process.

The furnace is also equipped with the most advanced heating elements to achieve accurate temperature control, ensuring optimal uniformity and minimum thermal gradient.

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Our furnaces also feature advanced safety and ergonomic features, designed to provide you and your team with the ultimate ease of use and peace of mind during the production process.

This includes a fully automatic flux stirring device, an intelligent one-button heating system, and a simple and intuitive user interface. Using our CAB brazing furnace, due to its advanced thermal insulation, low power consumption, and almost zero cost maintenance requirements,

compared to our competitors, this brazing furnace uses 70% less nitrogen and saves 25% electricity. You can expect high efficiency and reduced operating costs. Due to its reliable performance, fast heating and cooling times, and easy-to-operate controls, you can also count on high productivity.

Part material

Part NameMaterial
Conveyor chainSS304
Insulation layerhigh-grade asbestos
Frameordinary carbon steel
Thermal insulation curtainmolybdenum
Outer layercarbon steel
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CAB Brazing Furnace Technical Parameter

  • Maximum temperature: 750 ℃
  • Working temperature: 630 ℃
  • Workbench height: 90mm
  • Drying zone temperature: 300 ℃
  • Nitrogen consumption: 120 cubic meters/hour
  • Nitrogen purity: 99.999%
  • Nitrogen pressure: 6 bar
  • Nitrogen pipeline: 50DN
  • Production speed: 0-1800mm/min
  • Temperature control: Zone 12
  • Heating type: electricity and natural gas (optional)
  • External dimensions: Customized brazing furnace, dimensions unknown
  • Control system: industrial computer
  • Touch screen brand: Mitsubishi
  • Touch screen size: 17 inches

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CAB Brazing furnace usage

Our aluminum brazing furnace has a wide range of uses, can adapt to different production needs, suitable for automotive, aerospace, electronics, and other industries. Whether you are looking for accurate brazing, consistent heat treatment, or durable and reliable production systems for aluminum parts, our furnaces are the answer.

In summary, our aluminum brazing furnace is a perfect investment for companies wishing to improve the quality and efficiency of their production processes. With innovative engineering, advanced safety features, and unparalleled durability, this furnace is sure to provide lasting value and productivity to your production line.

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Q & A

Q: Can this CAB brazing furnace produce an aluminum plate and bar heat exchanger?

A: Yes, this brazing furnace can braze various aluminum material products.

Q: The size of the aluminum radiator is 350 * 680 * 16mm, and it requires the production of 250 aluminum cores per hour. Can your brazing furnace meet this requirement?

A: Each of our brazing furnaces is customized according to customer requirements, meeting this production speed without any technical issues.

Q: What technical support can you provide?

A: We provide brazing furnace installation, brazing technology training, etc. We can also send engineers to work in your factory for a long time.