furnace brazing aluminum Radiator and condenser

furnace brazing outline

The furnace brazing aluminum radiator and condenser are customized production lines manufactured with the latest technology,

Aluminum plate operation areas, pre-heating degreasing areas, flux spray areas, drying areas, worker operation areas, brazing production areas, cooling areas, forced cooling areas, handling areas, control systems, waste heat removal systems, etc. are all included in this production.

20 temperature control devices make up the whole production’s fully automated, intelligent temperature control system, which maintains temperature consistency within 1%.

The furnace brazing aluminum is a piece of continuous manufacturing equipment that uses nitrogen protection and non-corrosive NOCOLOK flux. It has high welding quality, no false welding, and no missing welding, making it the current global technological leader.

This equipment’s control system is made up of an industrial computer and a plc, and the visual operation is straightforward and practical.

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Why choose our furnace brazing aluminum

  • Quick delivery is effectively guaranteed by our skilled team’s involvement in production and design.
  • Our brazing furnace uses the most cutting-edge control technology, including automated temperature management, industrial computer visual human-computer interface, and plc control.
  • We provide very reasonable pricing. We consider competitive pricing when making brazing furnaces of superior quality. We are able to satisfy clients’ needs while lowering their investment. The task that our team is most eager to do is this one.
  • Buy our brazing furnace and receive free, comprehensive brazing technical assistance, Our brazing engineer for aluminum has 20 years of professional expertise.

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Q & A

Q: Can your aluminum brazing furnaces be used independently?

A: Yes, of course This brazing furnace needs a liquid nitrogen storage tank, Normal production requires nitrogen.

Q: What is the energy source of temperature heating?

A: Temperature heating can be either electricity or natural gas, but the price may not be used. For more details, please contact our engineers.

Q: How many days are required for brazing technical training?

A: Brazing technical training takes about 7-15 days, It may take more time to produce special aluminum products.