corrugated fin forming machine | offset fin machine

we are a corrugated fin forming machine manufacturer in china, The wave fin machines manufactured by our company are sold all over the world, This fin machine can produce aluminum foil, copper foil, stainless steel foil, titanium alloy foil, iron...



aluminum expanded radiator production line

aluminum expanded radiator production line synopsis The aluminum expanded radiator production line is composed of multiple machines, One machine is complete and important work, and A machine needs a worker, These machines are customized by o...



Side plate fixing machine of expanded radiator

More radiator machines   Side plate fixing machine Structure the Side plate fixing machine mainly produces round tube radiators It mostly makes round tube radiators, It is a hydraulic drive, PLC control system, and tou...



aluminum fin press machine manufacturer of Heat exchanger

fin press machine main features The aluminum fin press machine manufacturer is the high-speed production line of air conditioning fins is a special production line for fins production in the refrigeration industry, It is comp...



aluminum fin press production line

production line synopsis Aluminum fin press is a pneumatic press. The pneumatic press can be divided into open type and closed type, which can be divided into single point and multi-point. The main tonnage range is 25-350. The machine ...



water pressure Tube expanding machine

More heat exchanger machines The water pressure tube expanding machine is composed of three parts, Control system, Pressurization system, Expansion joint. The electric control is controlled by PLC. The gas drive supercharging...



Convenient Portable tube expander

More fin machines   This Convenient Portable tube expander machine is driven by a servo motor. It has a touch screen to control the length of the tubes. It can produce large industrial heat exchangers and condensers Th...



Cross flow heat exchanger production line

production line synopsis Cross flow heat exchanger production line, as long as it is a hydraulic press driven mold,Special non-standard customized machine, with servo motor driving to automatically move raw materials,It produces 20-30 ...



Why the shell and tube heat exchanger vibrates

Leakage occurs at the connection Leakage occurs at the connectionKarman vortexTurbulent buffetingAcoustic vibrationHydroelastic excitationJet conversion Anti-vibration measuresChange flow rateChange the natural vibration freq...



What is shell and tube heat exchanger

What is shell and tube heat exchanger Shell and tube heat exchanger is also called tubular heat exchanger. It is an inter wall heat exchanger with the wall surface of the tube bundle enclosed in the shell as the heat transfer surface. The heat ex...



Industrial heat exchanger of shell and tube type

Industrial heat exchanger Usage & Applications The shell and tube Industrial heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchanger that is widely applied for chemical and alcohol production. It is mainly composed of the shell, tube ...



aluminum oven temperature tracker Precautions for use

temperature tracker Precautions For the use of an aluminum oven temperature tracker. it is necessary to master the correct method,  so as to ensure the accuracy of measurement data. What should be paid attention to? d...