furnace Temperature data acquisition for selling

The Furnace temperature data acquisition is applicable to high-temperature data recording, It is applicable to aluminum brazing, spraying, smelting, and other industries.

This instrument needs to be put in an insulated box for use. The computer WiFi connection instrument can live broadcast to check the temperature change, We accept the customized temperature range of 200-1300 degrees for the insulation box

Furnace temperature data acquisition advantage

  • Multiple data acquisition channels can be selected and receive customized services of 4-12 channels
  • The instrument has its own WiFi function. The WiFi connection to the instrument by the computer can watch the temperature change live
  • The instrument adopts a computer-direct reading display, which is more convenient to operate,
  • The machine can store data continuously 16 times, and each time it can use different sampling periods for separate tests, Multiple groups of data are downloaded to the computer at the same time for analysis and processing
furnace Temperature data acquisition
  • The analysis software can be installed in the Windows11 system
  • The operation is simple and convenient. All data are managed by the database. You can use the wizard to quickly import process analysis
  • The sampling period of this Temperature data acquisition instrument can be set from 0.05S to 999S
  • The measuring accuracy of the instrument is ± 0.5 ℃ (the sensor accuracy is about 0.3%). The measuring range can be selected according to the need. Different instruments can measure different temperature ranges
Furnace temperature data recorder
  • High-temperature protection, automatic shutdown test function when the internal temperature of the instrument exceeds 70 ℃, and automatic shutdown of the power supply when the temperature exceeds 80 ℃
  • The instrument uses a USB interface for data download and charging
  • The software language is Chinese and English for Furnace temperature data acquisition
  • It is powered by a lithium battery, which can be used continuously for 50 hours, and can be used after 10 minutes of rapid charging
  • Multi-layer thermal insulation protection, made of stainless steel, can cope with the coolest lead-free process and withstand the harsh industrial environment
Brazing furnace temperature
furnace Temperature data acquisition software interface