what’s Progressive die

Progressive die, which is composed of multiple units, each unit completes different work in sequence and completes a series of different stamping processes in one stroke of the punch. Its other name is continuous stamping die working principle...



aluminum tube mill High-frequency welding production

aluminum tube mill production 1. Considering the transportation cost, the proportion of internal and external ore may be adjusted for ore preparation, and the proportion of internal ore will increase. 2. In order to ensure...



tube testing machine of aluminum radiator

tube testing machine 1. machine purpose tube testing machine used for high frequency welding cladding aluminum alloy tube pressure burst test. The aluminum tube tester is a multi-purpose type. On the basis of a set of pressure test system, it can ...



Diesel engine radiator

3 maintenance methods for radiator of diesel generator set 1: Ensure that there is no air in the engine radiator. The engine radiator should not be in the condition of partial water discharge, because it will accelerate the corrosion. For the g...



Aluminum brazing process using continuous brazing furnace

Surface preparation of workpiece continuous brazing furnace In order to ensure the formation of uniform and high-quality brazed joint, the oil and oxide on the surface of the workpiece must be removed before welding; in or...



aluminum vacuum oven parts Solution to scrap

aluminum vacuum oven   Scrapping of thermocouple breakdown products 1. aluminum vacuum oven in brazing heating,high temperature breakdown thermocouple tube shell, The display screen of thermocouple conduction temperature is obviousl...



High efficiency finned tube heat exchanger

more heat exchanger machines The heat exchange tube is composed of inner tube and fin. The inner tube and fin are made by integral binding. The outer surface of the inner tube radiates along the radial direction, and there are man...



Causes and treatment of fouling in heat exchanger

In the operation of heat exchanger, the inner and outer walls of tube bundle may be scaling, and the thermal resistance of fouling layer is much larger than that of metal tube, which leads to the rapid decline of heat transfer capacity, and in se...



high temperature vacuum brazing furnace

In high temperature vacuum brazing furnace, the metal honeycomb carrier of an automotive three-way catalytic purifier was brazed in a vacuum. The molybdenum screen of the furnace liner was deformed and cracked in a short time...



radiator aluminum tube mill

radiator aluminum tube mill machine High frequency welded radiator aluminum tube mill is a complete set of equipment that uses strip steel as raw material to produce round steel pipe or a row of steel pipes of various styles ...



High frequency aluminum radiator tube welding making machine

Aluminum tube making machine   High frequency welded Aluminum tube making machine is a complete set of equipment which uses strip steel as raw material to produce round steel pipe or a row of steel pipes of various styles through a series of pipe ...



aluminum radiator car simulated vibration testing machine

characteristic 1. Precision design and manufacturing, small volume, quiet work of vibration testing machine 2. The radiator car simulated vibration testing machine base is made of heavy steel with damping rubber pad, which is easy to install ...