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mesh belt furnace for continuous heat treatment

Product Description The mesh belt furnace is a continuous large-scale production furnace designed specifically for industry, with a maximum temperature of 1150 ℃. It is widely used in various heat treatment production, includ...



controlled atmosphere brazing furnace of aluminum

CAB furnace outline The controlled atmosphere brazing furnace (CAB furnace) is a specialized equipment used for aluminum brazing, which can provide a constant temperature and atmosphere to ensure the effectiveness and stabili...



What is Progressive Die

Progressive die which is composed of multiple units, each unit completes different work in sequence and completes a series of different stamping processes in one stroke of the punch. Its other name is continuous stamping die ...



aluminum tube mill High-frequency welding production

aluminum tube mill production 1. Considering the transportation cost, the proportion of internal and external ore may be adjusted for ore preparation, and the proportion of internal ore will increase. 2. In order to ensure...



Tube testing machine of aluminum radiator

tube testing machine Machine Overview The aluminum tube testing machine used for high-frequency welding cladding aluminum alloy tube pressure burst test. The aluminum tube tester is a multi-purpose type. On the basis of a ...



aluminum vacuum oven parts Solution to scrap

Scrapping of thermocouple breakdown products 1. aluminum vacuum oven in brazing heating, high-temperature breakdown thermocouple tube shell, The display screen of thermocouple conduction temperature is obviously inaccurate. ...



high temperature vacuum brazing furnace

In high-temperature vacuum brazing furnace, the metal honeycomb carrier of an automotive three-way catalytic purifier was brazed in a vacuum. The molybdenum screen of the furnace liner was deformed and cracked in a short time...



radiator aluminum tube mill | aluminum tube making machine

radiator aluminum tube mill machine High frequency welded radiator aluminum tube mill is a complete set of equipment that uses strip steel as raw material to produce round steel pipe or a row of steel pipes of various styles ...



High frequency aluminum tube making machine

Aluminum tube making machine outline High frequency welded tube making machine is a complete set of equipment that uses strip steel as raw material to produce round steel pipe or a row of steel pipes of various styles th...



simulated vibration testing machine for sell

vibration testing machine characteristic the radiator vibration testing machine is driven by a motor and vibrated by a cam, Changing tooling This machine can test many products, and simulate car vibration and other machine vi...



Salt spray testing machine Intelligent

Intelligent salt spray testing machine The Intelligent salt spray testing machine is designed for surface treatment of various materials, including coating, electroplating, an organic and inorganic film, anode treatment, anti...



sawtooth fin mold for Industrial cooling heat exchanger

sawtooth fin mold outline The sawtooth fin mold of the industrial cooler heat exchanger, which is a customized mold, mainly produces sawtooth type fins. The mold design is reasonable and the service life is long  The ...