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  • Thermal Profiling Sales and Suppliers

Thermal Profiling Sales and Suppliers

Channel: 4-10 optional
Probe: K thermocouple
Data storage: 16 sets
Features: WIFI transmission
Maximum temperature: 1450 ℃
Software: Windows

Product Details

What is a Profiling

It is a Thermal Profiling instrument that records the time and temperature of heat treatment work. The collected temperature data is crucial for smooth production, and engineers can refer to the temperature data to ensure product quality and maintain good consistency.

Whether it is a large-scale food cooking factory, metal quenching or annealing, high-temperature brazing, or paint drying, they need at least one thermal analysis to verify whether the process is proceeding as expected, or continuously improve the production process based on temperature data

Working Principle of Thermal Profiling

Recording temperature data sounds complex, and using thermal analysis is relatively simple. It can not only record the temperature distribution for the entire time but also use multiple thermocouple probes to monitor temperature changes at different locations

The new temperature profile instrument adopts WIFI transmission technology, and the WIFI hotspot connected to the laptop can check temperature changes online, which is very helpful for engineers to modify production processes promptly

Thermal Profiling working video

Software of Thermal Profiling

This software runs on the Windows system and has multiple languages, including Chinese and English. It automatically generates temperature distribution reports for engineers to analyze and record.

This software comes with multiple preset report templates, making it easy to print temperature data reports quickly

Technical Parameter

Data storage16 sets
FeaturesWIFI transmission
Channel 4-10 optional
ProbeK thermocouple
Resolution0.1 ℃
Maximum temperature1450 ℃
Temperature Profiling
Brazing furnace temperature curve

matters needing attention

Some special devices require temperature data to be collected using a profiler to enter the interior of the device, which needs to be used together with an insulation box

Please note that when you test the temperature data once, the Thermal Profiling needs to immediately leave the insulation box and wait for the insulation box to completely cool before proceeding to the next use,

When there is temperature in the insulation box, it is very likely to burn out the profiler

brazing Furnace temperature recorder