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  • Thermal Profiling Sales and Suppliers


    What is a Profiling It is a Thermal Profiling instrument that records the time and temperature of heat treatment work. The collected temperature data is crucial for smooth production, and engineers can refer to the temperature data to ensure product quality and maintain good consistency. Whether it is a large-scale food cooking factory, metal quenching or annealing, high-temperature brazing, or paint drying, they need at least one thermal analysis to verify whether the process is proceeding as expected, or continuously improve the production process based on tempera...

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  • Temperature Profiling Instrument For Industry Furnace


    Temperature Profiling working video Summarize Temperature Profiling is an advanced instrument designed specifically for industrial high-temperature applications, which can accurately measure and record the temperature distribution inside the furnace. This device typically includes multiple channels, each of which can independently collect temperature data. The temperature profiler can wirelessly transmit the collected temperature data to connected computers or mobile devices through the built-in WIFI communication module. Operators can remotely monitor the temperat...

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  • Brazing furnace supplier in China


    Furnace Overview As a brazing furnace supplier in China, we are committed to providing high-quality mechanical equipment and comprehensive technical services to global aluminum radiator manufacturers. This brazing furnace is designed specifically for aluminum brazing processes and can meet production needs of different scales and demands. Customers favor it for its high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, easy operation, and stability and reliability. In addition, we also provide customized solutions to meet the special process requirements of our...

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  • Metal stamping mold for Industrial sector


    Mold Overview We provide a wide range of customized metal stamping mold services, specifically tailored to the needs of industrial applications. Our team is able to design and manufacture molds suitable for various stamping types based on the specific requirements of customers. We have professional technical capabilities and rich practical experience to provide you with the most suitable solutions, whether it is the need for continuous stamping molds to achieve mass production or the need for high-speed and precise fin progressive molds to meet high standards of machining accura...

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  • Crossflow heat exchanger Machine manufacturer


    Machine Overview The crossflow heat exchanger machine is an automated production equipment designed with high efficiency and versatility. The entire production line consists of a material feeding system, mold pressing equipment, automatic conveyance devices, cutting units, and a control system, among others. Through these integrated systems, the production line can automatically complete the entire production process from raw materials to finished products. The design of the production line allows one mold to apply to various sizes, meaning that users do not need to change molds for...

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  • Low fin tube machine supplier


    Machine Overview The Low fin tube machine is a type of equipment used in the heat exchanger industry, which is driven by an electric motor to rotate the spindle and roll the mold to extrude metal tubes into low-fin tubesThis device has a sturdy structural design, with three sets of rollers simultaneously squeezing to effectively control the quality of the low fin. Additionally, the device is equipped with a built-in coolant circulation system to effectively cool the heat generated by the friction between the roller mold and the metal tubeThe mold of the low-fin tube pr...

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  • How to produce a Sensible heat exchanger


    summarize A sensible heat exchanger is a device used for transferring air heat energy conversion, which achieves heat transfer through the temperature difference between air. With people's yearning for a better life and awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, many residential buildings now install air-to-air heat exchangers There are various types of sensible heat exchangers, including plate heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers, spiral heat exchangers, etc. Each type of heat exchanger has its specific application scenarios and advan...

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  • Counterflow Heat Exchanger making machine


    Machine Overview The Counterflow heat exchanger making machine is a continuous production equipment, which consists of an aluminum foil uncoiling machine, hydraulically driven pressing machine, replaceable mold, automatic transmission device, cutting device, and other parts, The pressing mold of this device has a good design, and one mold can produce aluminum plates for heat exchangers of various sizes, such as 500*500mm and 1000*1000mm, etc. This design can save a lot of mold costs for the factory, At the same time, the mold can adjust the height of the aluminum...

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  • Spiral tube machine Suppliers in China


    Machine Overview The spiral tube machine is driven by an 11kva motor, which provides strong power to drive the rollers to rotate and roll the metal tube into a spiral shape, This type of pipe is widely used in the field of heat exchangers, and water or oil flowing through the spiral pipe will form vortices, thereby achieving good cooling effects The equipment is equipped with a circulating cooling device, which ensures that the roller mold will not generate high temperatures due to prolonged friction with the spiral tube during extrusion, thus protecting the serv...

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  • Mechanical radiator machine


    Radiator Machine Overview Mechanical radiator machine require many different types of equipments, usually requiring multiple steps to complete a radiator. In this production process, many machines are required to participate in this work,The following are the corresponding machines required to produce a mechanical radiator: Tube expander machine This type of machine enlarges the tubes of the aluminum core, tightly fixing the aluminum tubes and fins together, thereby providing a good cooling effect for the entire aluminum core. This machine is usually driven by hy...

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  • Furnace Temperature Logger Equipment From China


    Equipment Overview The Furnace Temperature Logger is a modern temperature monitoring device that can collect and record real-time temperature data inside the furnace. This type of instrument is usually equipped with sensors that can accurately measure and track temperature changes, ensuring that temperature control during the production process is within the optimal range. Through the wireless network (WIFI) transmission function, the furnace temperature recording instrument can send real-time data to computers or other intelligent devices, allowing operators to...

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  • Radiator tube machine


    Machine Overview The radiator tube machine realizes the rapid conversion of aluminum foil materials into radiator tubes through an efficient production process. The machine first presses the aluminum foil into the desired tubular structure through a roll forming process. Then, the joints of the pipes are welded firmly using high-frequency welding technology to ensure the sealing and structural strength of the pipes. The welded tubes are again put through a stick forming process to adjust to a precise O-shaped cross-section. Finally, the flying shear device perfor...

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