Vacuum aluminum brazing furnace operation steps

the Vacuum aluminum brazing furnace is a machine for producing complex aluminum products and providing one-time welding,

When the common aluminum material welding methods can not meet the production process requirements, vacuum brazing technology has developed, which perfectly solves the welding problems of some aluminum products with special shapes.

The vacuum aluminum brazing furnace is the main equipment to realize this technology.

We have sorted out the working steps and safety precautions of the vacuum brazing furnace for everyone to exchange and learn

Operating procedure of vacuum brazing furnace


(1) Check whether all wire connectors are tight and if all parts are clean and normal.

(2) Turn on the main switch and switches of all parts of the water cooling treatment system to ensure that the working water pressure is 0.1~0.3MPa

(3) Turn on the compressed air through the switch.

(4) Turn on the main switch of the inflation system. Do not turn it on when it is not necessary to work.

(5) The main power switch is off.

(6) Turn on all signal switches on the electrical cabinet.

(7) Adjust the control instrument to meet the requirements of the vacuum brazing process.

(8) When the diffusion pump is in a vacuum, open the maintenance valve, start the maintenance pump, delay the vacuum of the diffusion pump, and heat the diffusion pump in advance.

radiator fins

Turn on the stove.

(1) Open the furnace door, put the aluminum products into the furnace chamber, and then close the furnace door.

(2) Open the bypass valve, start the slide valve pump, and vacuum the furnace.

(3) When the vacuum degree in the furnace is ≤ 670Pa, pay attention to the students’ observation that the roots pump shaft basically does not rotate, and start the roots pump.

(4) When the vacuum in the furnace reaches 10Pa and the diffusion pump is heated to 90~120 minutes, close the bypass valve, maintenance valve, and maintenance pump.

Open the main valve and high vacuum valve on the diffusion pump. The furnace body is victimized by the diffusion pump.

Vacuum aluminum brazing furnace factory

Vacuum aluminum brazing furnace

(5) When the vacuum degree in the furnace reaches the specified process value, it can be electrified and heated, and the furnace starts to heat up and keep warm (programmed according to the set process curve).

(6) After the brazing heating process is completed, stop the furnace and stop heating.

(7) Close the high vacuum valve, stop the heating of the diffusion pump, and strengthen the cooling of the pump body.

(8) Stop the roots pump, open the maintenance valve, and start the maintenance pump. Close the main valve and stop the spool valve pump.

(9) Strengthen furnace cooling (as required).

(10) When the temperature of the furnace chamber decreases to the specified temperature, make preparations for discharging (or fill high-purity nitrogen in advance according to the requirements of the process design to speed up the cooling).

Take out aluminum products, and the whole domestic brazing has been completed

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