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Aluminum brazing is a technology in modern industrial production, which is two different technologies: vacuum aluminum brazing and CAB aluminum brazing. However, their common feature is to weld multiple aluminum parts together

1. Vacuum aluminum brazing

This process usually involves brazing large-sized aluminum heat exchangers. Its characteristic is that the welding is firm and the surface of the aluminum material will not oxidize in a vacuum environment

This type of aluminum heat exchanger is mainly used in mining machinery, air compressors, generators and other fields

The disadvantage of this vacuum brazing technology is that the production efficiency is very slow, a complete brazing process takes about 3-4 hours, and the production cost is also very expensive

2. CAB aluminum brazing

This process usually produces small-sized aluminum radiators, which are suitable for large-scale production. Nitrogen protection is used throughout the entire production process, and the quality of the brazing material is stable

This CAB aluminum brazing is mainly used to produce products such as car engine radiators, condensers, and evaporators, which are characterized by their relatively light weight

The disadvantage of this process is that there may be virtual welding when producing large-sized heat exchangers, and its large external dimensions require a lot of workshop space to be occupied

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