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Brazing furnace supplier in China

Furnace Overview

As a brazing furnace supplier in China, we are committed to providing high-quality mechanical equipment and comprehensive technical services to global aluminum radiator manufacturers.

This brazing furnace is designed specifically for aluminum brazing processes and can meet production needs of different scales and demands.

Customers favor it for its high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, easy operation, and stability and reliability.

In addition, we also provide customized solutions to meet the special process requirements of our customers

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Why choose our device

1, Experienced engineers
Our aluminum brazing engineers have an average salary age of over 15 years and have sufficient experience in manufacturing high-quality products

2, One-stop solution
We not only provide brazing furnaces and other mechanical equipment but also provide technical training services to ensure a smooth start to your project

3, after-sale service
We are a high-quality brazing furnace supplier from China with a strong after-sales team. If there is any malfunction during use, our engineers will provide on-site service

4, High-quality equipment
Because we have been working in this field for a long time and continuously improving and optimizing the design of brazing furnaces, our advantage over our competitors is very obvious

Technical parameters of brazing furnace

controlled atmosphere brazing
1Working dimensions; customization
2Technology: Nocolok
3Cooling type: air-cooled
4Production type: continuous
5Application field: Aluminum brazing
6Max Temperature: 700 ℃

Successful cases of brazing furnace supplier

The workflow of aluminum brazing furnace

1, Pre-treatment: Clean and prepare the aluminum radiator, and if necessary, perform preheating and flux coating.

2, Loading: Place the aluminum radiator into the brazing furnace.

3, Heating up: Start the furnace and gradually raise the temperature to the required temperature for brazing.

4, Insulation: After reaching the set temperature, maintain a constant temperature to complete the brazing process.

5, Cooling: After completing the insulation stage, let the aluminum radiator slowly cool down.

6, Unloading: After cooling to a safe temperature, remove the aluminum radiator.

7, Post-treatment: Carry out subsequent processes such as removing brazing flux, cleaning, and quality inspection.