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If you plan to start this aluminum radiator project, We are an excellent radiator machine manufacturer and supplier that can not only provide one-stop services for mechanical equipment but also complete technical training services

In current industrial production, manufacturing car engine radiators requires many machines, each of which completes their respective tasks. For example, manufacturing cooling fins require specialized fin-making machines, and welding cores require aluminum brazing furnaces,

A factory that produces high-quality aluminum radiators not only requires suitable machines but also mature technology, which poses some difficulties for a new factory to master proficient technology,

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Temperature Profiling

Thermal Profiling Sales and Suppliers

What is a Profiling It is a Thermal Profiling instrument that records the time and temperature of heat treatment work. The collected temperature data is crucial for smooth production, and engineers can refer to the temperature data to ensure product…


Brazing furnace supplier in China

Furnace Overview As a brazing furnace supplier in China, we are committed to providing high-quality mechanical equipment and comprehensive technical services to global aluminum radiator manufacturers. This brazing furnace is designed specifically for aluminum brazing processes and can meet production…

LN2 tank

LN2 tank – 10m3 liquid nitrogen dewar

This is an LN2 tank for storing liquid nitrogen, with two layers of tanks nested together. The internal pipes are made of SS304 and the outer layer is made of iron Q345. This LN2 tank has a maximum storage pressure…

clinch machine

radiator clinching machine of cars and trucks

radiator clinching machine features The radiator clinching machine is mainly used in the production of aluminum radiators. Radiator core, sealing gasket, and plastic tank, Put them togetherThe machine adopts the combination of servo motor drive and cylinder drive. The electric…

leak testing machine

Radiator testing machine of High-precision

Radiator test machine outline This radiator testing machine is used to check the air tightness of various types of automotive radiator products Compared to the previous generation of machines, this instrument has enhanced the expansion of output ports, quality management,…

core assembly machine

core assembly machine of radiator | intercooler core builder

Purpose of equipment: The Full automatic intercooler core assembly machine and condenser core builder equipment is a combination of mechanical and hydraulic devices and manual screw adjustment, with Domino mode pipe layout and material issuing, flat pipe lapping, clamping, and…

radiator fin machine

fin roller machine | condenser fin machine

fin machine the radiator fin roller machine is the key machine for processing condensers radiators and intercoolers, Its total power is 3.5kw. The fin roller mold is made with high precision. The servo motor counting controls the length of the fin….

Manual crimping machine

radiator Plastic tank Manual crimping machine high quality

radiator Plastic tank manual crimping machine The manual crimping machine mainly produces automobile radiators. Some people say it is a semi-automatic crimping machine It is mainly driven by an air cylinder. The production speed is very good. There are two…

All radiator machine movies

Machine List

No.Machine nameAbstract
1Brazing furnaceFor brazing aluminum cores
2Fin machineFor aluminum cooling fins
3Liquid nitrogen tankFor storing liquid nitrogen
4Assembly machineFor assembly aluminum cores
5Tasting machineFor assembly of aluminum cores
6Crimping machineFor assembling plastic tanks

Radiator machine manufacturer services

  1. Full technical support:

We provide you with technical support throughout the entire process from project initiation to production operation, ensuring that any technical issues you encounter during installation, debugging, and daily production are promptly and effectively resolved.

  1. One-stop machine procurement:

We can provide a complete set of production line equipment according to your needs, including but not limited to fin manufacturing equipment, radiator brazing equipment, aluminum core assembly equipment, etc., so that you do not need to purchase from multiple suppliers separately, simplifying the procurement process.

  1. Regular maintenance and repair:

To ensure that your equipment is always in optimal working condition, we provide regular maintenance services and quick response repair services in case of equipment failure, reducing the risk of production interruption.

  1. Radiator parts supply:

radiator machine manufacturers also provide supply services for radiator components to ensure that any replacement parts or accessories you need during the production process can be obtained in a timely manner, ensuring the continuous operation of the production line.