• Used aluminum brazing furnace for sale at a low price

Used aluminum brazing furnace for sale at a low price

name: Used aluminum Brazing furnace

Place of production: china

Customer customization: yes

Tunnel size:12000*1000*250mm

features: Continuous type of nitrogen protection

The used aluminum brazing furnace equipment uses non-corrosive NOCOLOK technology to continuously braze aluminum products in a nitrogen-protected environment. The equipment was manufactured in 2016 and appears 95% new in appearance. Due to poor factory management, the factory went bankrupt. The used aluminum brazing furnace is now urgently sold

technical parameter

  • Touch screen: 10.1 inches
  • Operating system: Windows7
  • Touch screen language: Chinese (can be changed to English)
  • Tunnel width: 1000mm
  • Tunnel height: 250mm
  • Conveyor belt material: ss304
  • Total length: approximately 48 meters
  • Degreasing furnace: already included
  • Brazing zone length: 12 meters
  • For more technical details, please contact us to request
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Used aluminum brazing furnace production process

1, Place the product on the chain of the flux spraying area, and the machine will move the product to the spraying area, automatically completing all spraying work and moving the product to the next area

2, Some products require manual spraying of brazing flux, and this used brazing furnace has reserved a manual working area,

3, When all the flux is sprayed, the conveyor chain will transport the product to the drying area, which is fully automatic

4, Brazing area, This is a crucial area where some products need to be placed on the fixture to check if they meet the technical requirements for brazing and automatically enter the next step

5, When the product is welded, its temperature is very high. The main function here is to cool the product, which does not require manual intervention and the Used aluminum brazing furnace is fully automatic

6, When the product reaches the final stage, workers need to take it out of the brazing furnace and place it together

List of products that can be brazed

Oil coolerTubular condenser.
IntercoolerParallel flow condenser
EvaporatorLaminated evaporator
AC heatersAluminum heat exchanger
cooling plateCascade evaporator.
radiatorsPC cooling
cooling plate brazing furnace
hydrogen brazing furnace

Our brazing furnace success stories

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Used aluminum brazing furnace video

Q & A

Q: Is your brazing furnace new or used?

A: We currently have a used brazing furnace. Of course, we can also design a new brazing furnace for you

Q: Our factory produces aluminum radiators for automobiles. Can we use this condenser brazing furnace?

A: Yes, this brazing furnace can produce aluminum radiator, condenser, intercooler, heat exchanger, evaporator, etc

Q: How much nitrogen is used per hour in this brazing furnace?

A: 60-80 cubic meters of nitrogen per hour

Q: What kind of technical support do you provide?

A: If you purchase the brazing furnace, we will provide all technical support, train your engineers, install the brazing furnace, and provide after-sales service support