what’s Progressive die

Progressive die, which is composed of multiple units, each unit completes different work in sequence and completes a series of different stamping processes in one stroke of the punch. Its other name is continuous stamping die working principle...



aluminium oven temperature tracker Precautions for use

temperature tracker Precautions For the use of aluminum oven temperature tracker, it is necessary to master the correct method,  so as to ensure the accuracy of measurement data. What should be paid attention to? data acquisition 1. First, check w...



What is a Furnace temperature tracker

Application of furnace temperature tracker As a new product in the field of furnace temperature detection, furnace temperature tracker has brought us great convenience. In the future, industrial production urgently needs the popularization of tem...



What is aluminum foil progressive die

The aluminum foil progressive die (aluminum foil continuous die) is composed of multiple stations. Each station completes different processing in sequence, and completes a series of different stamping processing in one stroke of ...



brazing furnace temperature recording instrument

More Brazing furnace Temperature recording instrument the instrument adopts computer direct reading display, which is more convenient to operate temperature recording instrument technical data Product Name: Brazing furn...



Heat exchanger Vertical expander

The Heat exchanger Vertical expander machine adopts vertical layout, and the equipment is composed of base, guide post, oil cylinder, hydraulic station, workpiece clamping device, electric control box, etc. Vertical tube expander is a kind of spec...



harmonica tube cutting machine

Main introduction This tube cutting machine mainly straightens the harmonica tube of intercooler, condenser, It has 2 workstations that can work at the same time, It is mainly driven by servo motor.It works quietly and saves electricity, We c...



Nitrogen make machine

technical parameter name:Nitrogen make machine Model: CH-20 Nitrogen production: 1.5 m3 / h (customized) Nitrogen purity: 99.5-99.9 (customized) Nitrogen output pressure: < 0.8MPa Air input pressure: < 0.8MPa ...



home AC condenser production line

What machines are needed for home AC condenser production line 1,fin make machine technical parameter Total power :8.5 kw Quantity required :1 set Nominal force:45T Machine Model Name:CH-45T Electricity Consumption/Hour:16 Workers:2 ...



flaring machine For mechanical radiator

1、 Purpose of equipment: radiator flaring machine for All aluminum radiator and expansion machine for warm air are all aluminum radiator and warm air production line. The side plate, sealing rubber plate and end plate are connected together in th...



Tube expanding machine

More radiator machines   Horizontal radiator tube expanding machine Structure horizontal heat exchanger tube expander adopts vertical layout, manual loading and unloading, one-time clamping can complete tube expansion, flaring, fl...



continuous nitrogen protection brazing furnace

Main features of nitrogen brazing furnace 1. nitrogen brazing furnace adopts advanced automatic temperature control technology, and the temperature control accuracy is ± 1 ℃. 2. From the stirring and spraying of flux .  the drying, brazing and coo...