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What does the provide

In modern society, heat exchangers are essential products. With the increasing global warming trend, people’s demand for air conditioning is constantly increasing. Many people want to purchase heat exchanger making machines to build a factory

As is well known, a smooth production of heat exchangers requires many machines, and each production process requires different machines to complete different production processes. Due to the lack of technical support in new factories, purchasing a complete production line at once may overlook some important details and lead to fatal errors

In order for customers to quickly start the normal production of heat exchangers and condensers in new factories and avoid unnecessary losses, our company provides one-stop machine solutions and technical support. Our engineers have an average of over 15 years of work experience

If you are looking for equipment for producing heat exchangers, please let us know

Hydrostatic tube expander

water pressure Tube expanding machine

water pressure Tube expanding outline The water pressure tube expanding machine is composed of three parts, a Control system, a Pressurization system, Expansion joint. The electric control is controlled by PLC. The gas drive supercharging system adopts two high-pressure liquid…

Tube straightening machine

tube straightening machine of copper coil

The Tube straightening machine is a machine specifically designed for straightening and cutting copper and aluminum coil tubes. In the heat exchanger industry, it is widely used and can efficiently complete the calibration and cutting of coil tubes. This equipment…

copper tube expander

Portable Copper Tube Expander For Heat Exchanger Coils

The Copper Tube Expander is a machine used for producing large industrial heat exchangers and condensers. Its main function is to expand the copper coil tubes to the required size during the production process To ensure a tight fit between…

Vertical expander

pipe expanding machine for heat exchanger

This equipment is called a pipe expanding machine, and the factory needs efficient automated equipment to produce the core of the heat exchanger. It compresses the expansion of the heat exchanger’s pipes, making the pipes and fins tightly fit together,…

foil fin progressive die

Metal stamping mold for Industrial sector

Mold Overview We provide a wide range of customized metal stamping mold services, specifically tailored to the needs of industrial applications. Our team is able to design and manufacture molds suitable for various stamping types based on the specific requirements…

water expander

hydraulic pipe expander machine for heat exchanger

The hydraulic pipe expander machine is one of the indispensable and important equipment in the production of industrial heat exchangers, and its performance directly affects the efficiency and quality of the entire production line. Now, with the continuous progress of…

Flexible expander machines

Heat exchanger tube expander machine

Machine Overview This is a Heat exchanger tube expander machine mainly powered by a servo motor. The servo motor drives multiple sets of rollers to increase speed and force. The equipment can easily expand stainless steel pipes In addition, the…

automatic pipe bender machine

Hairpin bender machine for copper coil tube

Hairpin bender machine outline The Hairpin bender machine is a device suitable for use in heat exchanger factories, mainly used to bend copper coils into a U-shape. This type of machine is crucial for the production and quality of heat…

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How to produce heat exchangers

heat exchanger making machine List

No.Machine nameAbstract
1Expansion machineFor tightly fitting expansion tubes and fins
2Fin machineFor Rapid production of fins
3Hairpin bending machineFor bending copper tubes
4Tube straightening machineFor calibrating straight coil copper tubes
5Fin dieFor producing cooling fins
6Welding machineFor welding small U-pipe joints

Application of machines

1, Industrial sector
These heat exchanger manufacturing machines can produce large-sized industrial heat exchangers,

2, Household air conditioning
The characteristic of this heat exchanger is that it has a moderate size and the core needs to be bent to adapt to the installation of AC external units

3, Automotive industry
The size of this type of heat exchanger is relatively small, but some refrigerated trucks also use larger sizes

4, Shipbuilding industry
Because it is widely used in the shipbuilding industry, various heat exchangers of different sizes are required