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  • water pressure Tube expanding machine
  • water pressure Tube expanding machine

water pressure Tube expanding machine

Maximum test pressure: 40 MPa

Expansion speed: about 1 piece/min

Expansion medium: water

Input power: 220 V

Control system: PLC

Workstation: 1 station

Product Details

water pressure Tube expanding outline

The water pressure tube expanding machine is composed of three parts, a Control system, a Pressurization system, Expansion joint. The electric control is controlled by PLC. The gas drive supercharging system adopts two high-pressure liquid superchargers, which can rapidly boost the pressure,

The pressure rise time within a pipe diameter of 25mm and a length of 5m can reach the predetermined pressure within tens of seconds. It includes three parts: booster host, high-pressure rubber hose, and expanding ferrule tooling.

The heat exchanger is composed of multiple tubes, fins, and supports, As the thickness of the heat sink tube is small and there are many heat sink fins, it is necessary to eliminate the gap between the tube and fins, The interference fit shall be achieved to prevent looseness. Achieve the function of a tube expander.

water pressure Tube expanding machine

water pressure Tube expanding


  • The pressure holding time and expansion pressure can be set at will to ensure the expansion quality;
  • Footswitch control is convenient for the operation
  • The speed of pressure rise and relief is fast, and the expansion speed is doubled;
  • Heat sink tubes and fins with a thickness of 0-3mm shall be uniformly expanded in full thickness at one time;
  • The residual stress of the expanded device is low, and it is not easy to produce gap corrosion;
  • The axial direction of the heat exchanger does not stretch but shrinks slightly after expansion, which is conducive to reducing operating noise;
  • There is no pollution at the expansion joint, and the expansion before welding is not affected;
  • This water pressure Tube expanding equipment can also be used for the built-in steel ball extrusion connection of conventional heat sink tubes

technical parameter

Rated expansion pressure0-40 MPa
Maximum test pressure40 MPa
Expansion speedabout 1 piece/min
Expansion mediumwater
Input power220 V
Control systemPLC
Workstation1 station
machine namewater pressure Tube expanding
water pressure Tube expanding
water pressure Tube expanding
tube diameter: φ9.52 / φ12.58 / φ15.88
tube material: aluminum / copper / SS304
Touch screen size: 7 inches
Machine weight: 160kg
External dimensions: 900*800*1200mm
Boosting method: Boosting cylinder
Booster cylinder Quantity: 2 PCS

water pressure Tube expanding

water pressure Tube expanding machine video

Q & A

Q: What is the packaging of your water expander

A: Our machines are packed in wooden cases

Q: What is the maximum length of tubes your machine can produce

A: This machine uses water to expand tubes. It can expand tubes of any length

Q: What is the delivery date of your water expander

A: The delivery time of our machine is 45 days