• Portable tube expander for large industrial condenser

Portable tube expander for large industrial condenser

neme: portable tube expander

expanded tubes: 2 or 8

machine size: L550mm * W300mm * H300mm

Power supply: 380V/ 50Hz

Product Details

This Convenient Portable tube expander machine is driven by a servo motor. It has a touch screen to control the length of the tubes. It can produce large industrial heat exchangers and condensers

The convenient and portable tube expander adopts human-machine interaction with a touch screen, which is available in two languages, allowing users to freely choose between English and Chinese,
Allow users to customize the length of the expansion tube, with a minimum control unit of 1mm

Portable tube expander machine part

Expansion ball: The expansion ball is one of the main components of the tube expander, which is made of high-strength alloy steel and has various sizes to adapt to the pipes of different heat exchangers.

Servo motor: Servo motor is the power source of the portable pipe expander It uses AC 380V and precisely controls the expansion length of the machine through the control system

Gear: Gear is the intermediate component that connects the motor and expansion head. And ensure correct meshing and smooth transmission through high-precision machining.

Electric control box: The electric control box is a control system for a portable pipe expander. The electric control box usually consists of a touch screen and multiple controllers, used to control the smooth operation of the entire machine and monitor the status of the equipment.

Gantry frame: The gantry frame is the supporting structure of a portable tube expander. Gantry frames are usually made of high-strength alloy steel and have sufficient strength and stability to support the entire equipment.

Balancer: The balancer is another important component of a portable expander, used to balance the main body of the machine. Workers can easily operate the machine.


  1. Servo motor drive, silent production
  2. It reduces production costs and improves work efficiency.
  3. One-time flaring and flanging (easy to weld, greatly reducing leakage)
  4. Portable type convenient tube expander, easy to work, no restrictions
tube expanding machine

technical parameter

Working modeSuspended
Tube expander speed10-25m / minute
effective length3-5 m
expanded tubes2-8 pcs
Power supply380V/ 50Hz
Driveservo motor
Portable pipe expander factory
Heat exchanger tube expander

Portable tube expander video

Q & A

Q: Can this machine produce two pipe diameters of 7.95 and 9.52mm?

A: Replace the expansion ball, this machine can produce any size from 6.5-10mm

Q: What is the maximum length of tubes your machine can produce

A: Usually the tube of this machine is 3m, which can be extended to 5m. Please contact our engineer for other lengths. Our machine can produce a 10m condenser without any problem

Q: What is the packaging of your convenient portable pipe expander

A: Our machines are packed in wooden cases