• What is tube fin machine

What is tube fin machine

Fin outer diameter range: Φ 18- Φ 70 mm

Fin pitch range: 0-8.00 mm

Finned tube length range: 0-15000 mm

Main motor power: 11KW

tube fin Machine weight: 1415 kg

Boundary dimension: 215*76*143cm

Machine Overview

The tube fin machine is a device applied in the field of heat exchangers, which mainly squeezes metal pipes into the shape of thin fins, allowing the entire pipe to have good heat dissipation ability,

This machine uses an electric motor as the main driving force, which increases power through multiple sets of gears and drives three sets of rollers to squeeze and produce fin tubes simultaneously

The machine has many advantages, such as reasonable structural design, simple control system, and the ability to produce various fin tubes of different diameters without additional cost, which have been widely recognized in the market

Types of tube fin machines

1, Two metal fin tube equipment

This machine produces two metal fin tubes, such as an inner tube made of iron or stainless steel material and an outer fin made of aluminum or copper material. It has multiple tubes that can be freely combined

copper tube fin
fin pipe manufacture

2, low fin tube machine

This type of machine is used to produce low fin tubes, usually made of single metal materials such as iron, copper, aluminum, etc. Due to the special characteristics of this type of fin tube, the production speed of the modified machine will be relatively slower

fin pipe
low fin tubes

3, Spiral tube machine

This type of machine squeezes seamless pipes into a spiral shape, and liquid flows from the inside of the pipes to form vortices,

Previously, this type of pipe was produced using a lathe, which had low production efficiency and high production costs. Now, the extrusion pipe fin machine has effectively solved these problems

Spiral pipe machine
Spiral tube

4, Fin winding machine

This machine spirals aluminum foil around a pipe, theoretically, it can produce infinite-length pipes with simple adjustments to produce fin pipes of different diameters, but the minimum pipe diameter cannot be less than 12 mm

The device has many advantages such as a compact body, ability to produce multiple sizes, no need for welding, etc., and has a high market share

tube fin

Tube Fin Machine Parameters

1Fin materialaluminum
2Base tube materialSS304
alloy, etc.
3fin material thickness0.2-0.4mm
4tube diameter range10-38mm
5Fin heightless than 17mm
6Fin pitch0.6-2mm
7tube outer diameterΦ25-88mm
8tube Max length6-20m
9Packaging size224*85*145cm
fin tube heat exchanger
fins for float tube

Repairs and maintenance

The structural design of this tube fin machine has been optimized multiple times and does not require expensive maintenance costs during normal use. Cleaning the debris on the coolant isolation net only requires cleaning it and adding lubricating oil to each universal joint. This simple maintenance work can ensure the smooth operation of the equipment

This machine uses three sets of rollers to squeeze fin tubes, which can generate high temperatures in a short time. Therefore, coolant is highly required. Due to the long-term circulation of coolant, its components will be diluted. You need to regularly add high-concentration coolant or replace it

tube fin machine working video