• tube fin machine of Heat exchanger
  • tube fin machine of Heat exchanger

tube fin machine of Heat exchanger

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Fin outer diameter range: Φ 18- Φ 70 mm
Minimum fin root diameter: Φ 15 mm
Fin pitch range: 0-8.00 mm
Finned tube length range: 0-15000 mm
Main motor power: 7.5KW / 11KW
tube fin Machine weight: 1415 kg
Boundary dimension: 2150 * 760 * 1430

Product Details

fin machine Features

The metal fin tube machine is the third generation improved product, Suitable for rolling steel, steel aluminum, pure aluminum, copper aluminum, copper and other specifications of single and bimetal finned tubes. It has compact structure, stable performance and convenient operation

machine advantage

The tool holder body and tool holder adopt advanced double round key structure, which can bear large torque, accurate and reliable displacement and strong rigidity.

The blade is processed with precision technology, and the fin rolling is fast in production and durable.

The main shaft bearing adopts double row cylindrical rolling bearing, which bears large radial force, has long service life, and is convenient for maintenance and replacement.

The universal joint and shaft are connected by splines, and the cooling box is separated from the rolling mill.

this machine can make these types

fin tube
fin tube factory
fin pipe machine
fin tube machine
heat exchanger fin tube mill machine

tube fin machine video

Q & A

Q: What is the delivery time of this fin pipe machine ?
A: The delivery time of this machine is 45 days

Q: Can the appearance of this machine be customized?
A: Yes. The appearance of this machine can be customized

Q: What is the after-sales service of this machine?
A: Our machine is in accordance with China’s after-sales standards, and its warranty is 12 months,

Q: What is the packaging of this machine?
A: Our machines are packed in wooden cases

Q: Are there any other services?
A: We bought ship transportation insurance for the machine

Q: Do you still accept this payment method?
A: We accept L/C and cash payment

Q: Do you have a catalogue of machines
A: Click the button to contact us and get the machine catalogue