coil bending machine for condenser and heat exchanger

using a condenser coil bending machine for condenser bending is very important. During the production process, the machine can bend the core of the condenser into an “L” “U” or “D” shape to meet the design and production technical requirements of air conditioning.

Air conditioning is an essential household appliance in households, and the condenser is one of the core components of air conditioning.

The function of the condenser is to dissipate heat from the refrigeration process into the air, thereby cooling the refrigerant and improving refrigeration efficiency.

However, the bending of the condenser core is an important step and also a difficulty in the manufacturing process of air conditioning.

This condenser bending machine allows engineers to preset production parameters through a touch screen and bend them into various shapes,

such as right angles, acute angles, and obtuse angles, to meet different air conditioning design and usage needs.

Other condenser-making machines

Technical Parameter

Bending type”L” ”C” ”D”
Process typecoil condenser
Driving methodelectric
Machine colorany choice
Bending angleAny Angle
condenser coil bending machine
coil bending machine

coil bending machine Features

1, The CNC system controls the motion of the three axes to achieve precise positioning. This technology can improve the accuracy of bending and ensure that the shape and angle of the condenser meet the design requirements.

At the same time, the machine can automatically adjust the bending angle to adapt to different types of condensers and bending requirements, making the bending process smoother.

2, The condenser coil bending machine can achieve automated production, reduce manual intervention, and improve production efficiency. At the same time,

the adjustment of the machine is more convenient, making the bending process faster and more efficient. The worker only needs to place the condenser in the machine and make relevant adjustments as needed.

3, During the bending process of the condenser, it is usually necessary to use slicing tools for cutting. If the slice falls, it will affect the accuracy and efficiency of bending.

Therefore, our condenser coil bending machine has the characteristic of preventing chips from falling off to ensure a smooth bending process.