• Tube expanding machine for Mechanical radiator

Tube expanding machine for Mechanical radiator

machine neme :Tube expanding machine


prime mover:Hydraulic or servo (Optional)

Production speed:160-240 pcs/h

Working size: customized

Delivery time: 45 days

Product Details

Radiator tube expanding machine Structure

This horizontal tube expanding machine is tube expansion equipment used for producing heat exchangers and mechanical radiators. It adopts a horizontal structure, making the production process easier to operate. Before the machine starts to expand, it automatically injects lubricating oil into the pipes, This equipment adopts hydraulic drive as the main power, which has a strong expansion force, making the machine more reliable and durable

machine characteristic

1, The tube expanding machine adopts a horizontal structure, making the production process easier to operate. The height of the workbench is about 800mm, allowing workers to work easily and happily, and working for a long time is not easy fatigue

2, It is equipped with an automatic device for injecting lubricating oil into the pipes, making the aluminum pipes smoother during expansion, and reducing friction and wear. This not only improves production efficiency but also reduces defective products and reduces production costs.

3, The tube expanding machine is hydraulically driven, with a strong expansion force that is more reliable and durable. Hydraulic drives can also achieve automation of the expansion process, thereby improving production efficiency.

4, The Tube expanding device adopts PLC electrical control, and all buttons are in English. This makes the operation easier, and new workers do not need additional training costs to use this machine

5, This device can be customized according to the customer’s product size, thereby producing a variety of products of different sizes. To meet market demand.

6, A notable feature of The tube expanding machine is its ability to flexibly change the working dimensions of the machine, allowing for the production of various products of different sizes. This means that customers do not need to purchase multiple machines of different sizes, thereby reducing capital investment

Tube expanding machine
Flaring machine

radiator tube expanding machine data

machine nametube expanding machine
Power supply380V/50Hz
power Voltage2.8kw
Working size500 * 800mm
machine ColorCustom
Servo drive optional
machine typehorizontal tube expander
Packingwooden case
Air pressure0.6 mPa
machine dete

Q & A

Q: How many days is the delivery time of this machine?

A: The delivery time of this machine is 42 days

Q: What are the overall dimensions of this machine?

A: The overall dimension of this machine is 4500*1500*1700mm

Q: Can we visit your factory?

A: Of course, we welcome you to visit our factory

Q: Which port does the machine go to?

A: We can deliver the goods to any port in China