• fin winding machine for Spiral fin tube

fin winding machine for Spiral fin tube

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Fin thickness: 0.1-0.4mm
Machine weight: 560kg
fin type: L type
Pipe diameter: φ13-38mm
Production speed: about 250m/ 8h

Product Details

machine outline

This equipment uses a 2.5kw motor as the main power source, and its structural design is very simple, which means that future maintenance and repair work is very easy. Workers do not need to undergo strict training, and can proficiently master all the operations of the fin winding machine in a short time

This machine is already equipped with a central axis positioning device for the tube, which can effectively control the operation of the coaxial core during high-speed production of finned tubes without worrying about the centrifugal force generated during production causing bending of the tube

This machine can produce fin tubes with a maximum length of 6 meters, requiring only a simple tool replacement. It can produce tubes of different diameter sizes, and the height and spacing of fins can also be easily changed. One machine can meet 90% of the fin tube types on the market

fin winding machine Technical Data

Fin materialaluminum
Pipe materialiron
stainless steel
titanium alloy
Fin thickness0.1-0.4mm
Machine weight560kg
fin typeL type
Pipe diameterφ13-38mm
Production speedabout 250m/ 8h
External dimensions155*65*125cm
fin tube winding machine
tube fin

fin winding machine features

  • Simple structure:

Workers do not need training and can easily take up positions

  • Flexible design:

With the need to replace simple tools, different sizes of fin tubes can be produced

  • Winding process:

There is no need to weld fins and tubes, and the winding process is used to tightly connect the fins and tubes together, which is firm and has a good heat transfer effect

  • The spacing between fins is uniform:

The fins of the fin winding machine are L-type, which are evenly distributed on the pipes without wrinkles and are very beautiful