• Low fin tube machine supplier

Low fin tube machine supplier

Tube materials: copper, iron, aluminum
Motor voltage: 11kw
Tube diameter: 8-65mm
Lubrication device: built-in
Delivery time: 35 days
Fin size: Follow design

Product Details

Machine Overview

The Low fin tube machine is a type of equipment used in the heat exchanger industry, which is driven by an electric motor to rotate the spindle and roll the mold to extrude metal tubes into low-fin tubes

This device has a sturdy structural design, with three sets of rollers simultaneously squeezing to effectively control the quality of the low fin. Additionally, the device is equipped with a built-in coolant circulation system to effectively cool the heat generated by the friction between the roller mold and the metal tube

The mold of the low-fin tube production equipment can be freely replaced, and different molds can produce different sizes of fin tubes. This flexible design can meet the needs of different customers

Low-fin tube machine data

1Tube diameter: 8-65mm
2Motor voltage:
3Tube materials:copper
4Appearance color: default green
5Lubrication device: built-in
6Delivery time: 35 days
7Fin size: Follow design
8Power supply:380V/50Hz
Low-fin tube machine
low fin tubes

Equipment advantages

1, Built-in cooling system

Recycled coolant, which can cool the roller blades of the mold and ensure its service life

2, Simple control of machine operation

This low fin tube machine only has 3 control buttons, and workers can start working with simple training

3, The machine has strong power

This machine is equipped with an 11kw motor as the main drive, which can meet your production needs whether you are producing low-finned tubes made of copper, aluminum, or iron materials

4, Free control of tube length

The two sides of the mold of this machine are hollow. In theory, you can produce metal pipes of any length, but it is recommended that the maximum length does not exceed 6 meters

Low fin tube machine working video

Q & A

Q: Can this machine produce low-fin tubes made of copper material?

A: Yes, it can produce materials such as copper, iron, aluminum, etc.

Q: What is the maximum production speed of this machine?

A: This depends on the spacing of the fins, usually producing 300-500 meters per hour.

Q: Can this machine produce two types of metal fin tubes?

A: We have another machine that can produce pipes of two types of metals.