progressive press tool for Industrial heat exchanger

Brief overview

The progressive press tool is a continuous production mold designed for industrial heat exchangers
It has the characteristics of stable and high-speed production and flexible size change and is widely used in modern industrial production

This progressive press tool can produce raw materials such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel 304, titanium alloy, etc. to meet various industrial requirements

The press tool we manufacture can be installed and operated on different brands of stamping machines, and it can meet 500 stamping times per minute

progressive press tool application

  • Mechanical radiator, which is a type of radiator installed in car engines.
  • Household heat exchanger, which is a product for heating homes in winter.
  • Air conditioning condensers, large outdoor machines for air conditioning require the installation of this large-sized condenser.
  • Automotive evaporator, which is an evaporator installed on refrigerated cars.
  • Industrial heat exchanger, which is also used in the industrial field, is characterized by its large size and high price.
  • In other fields, our progressive press tool has many applications.

Technical Parameter

Appearance colordefault yellow
Hole size3/8 ” 5/8”
Hole spacingfollowing design
Collar height1.5-8mm
Hole 4-18 rows
Delivery time55 days
progressive die make fin
foil progressive die factory

progressive press tool structure

This tool is a large-sized press mold with multiple independent small molds installed inside, Each small mold has a different function, and they each complete their own work to achieve the goal of continuous production, Finally, there is cutting. A sliding cylinder is installed at the cutting position of the mold. When the punching machine has completed the set number of times, the cylinder slides to the left, and the cutting blade will cut off the fins, The entire production process is very fast and does not require worker supervision, fully automated

Q & A

Q: What is the maximum size of your progressive press tool?

A: We customize this tool according to your requirements. You can provide technical details of your stamping machine and we will provide you with the best solution.

Q: What are the overall dimensions of this press tool?

A: Our tools are customized, A tool with 12 rows of holes, usually measuring 1100*450*350mm in size.

Q: We buy a mold with 6 rows of holes. Can it produce fins with 4 rows of holes?

A: Of course, it can produce fins in rows 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.