extruded finning Machine of industrial heat exchangers

extruded fin Machine outline

This Extruded finning machine is a type of equipment mainly used for the production of rolled and formed finned tubes. It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for the manufacturing of cooling equipment such as industrial heat exchangers and coolers. The main features of this machine are as follows:

extruded fin tube

Compared with ordinary finned tubes, the finned tubes produced by the extruded finning machine have higher strength and stiffness. This is because this machine uses a rolling process to force metal materials into shape through molds. During this process,

the metal is stretched to form the desired fin shape while maintaining the inner tube unchanged. This process can effectively reduce the stress inside the finned tube, thereby improving its service life.

3 sets of roller extrusion molding

The extruded finning machine adopts three sets of roller extrusion molding technology,

which can effectively ensure the quality and dimensional accuracy of the finned tube.

Three sets of rollers have rolled at the same speed, squeezing the metal outer tube into the inner tube to form the desired fin shape. Tightly fitting the inner tube,

During this process, the pressure and speed of the rollers need to be accurately controlled to ensure the size and shape accuracy of the finned tube.

fin tube

Cooling of coolant

The extruded finning Machine is equipped with a coolant system that can effectively cool down three sets of rollers.

The coolant can be recycled, thereby reducing the cost and difficulty of cleaning the machine.
At the same time, coolant can also reduce the wear of the rollers and improve the service life of the machine.

Simple structure

The structure of the extruded finning Machine is simple, mainly composed of the host, roller mold, coolant, and control system.

This type of machine does not require complex control and hydraulic systems, thereby reducing production costs and maintenance difficulties.

In addition, the operation of the extended finning machine is simple and does not require too many professional skills, which is beneficial for the production line of the equipment.

Fin pipe length0-15m
Fin height7-16mm
Fin thickness0.22-0.45mm
outside fin materialsaluminum
inside tube materialsss304
tube Outer diameter25-77mm
finning machine
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extruded finning Machine summary

In summary, the extruded finned machine is an efficient and high-precision finned tube production equipment that can effectively ensure the quality and production efficiency of finned tubes.

It has a wide range of applications and can be applied in fields such as power, chemical, and petroleum, providing important technical support for industrial production.