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  • panel bending machine supplier | CNC sheet metal forming

panel bending machine supplier | CNC sheet metal forming

Plate Width: 1450mm
Plate Length: 1700mm
Bending Length: 1600mm
Bending Height: 175mm (300 optional)

Product Details

The panel bending machine is a new generation of fully automatic sheet metal bending centers. The entry of the sheet metal manufacturing industry into automated production is a remarkable product. Saves human resources, with a bending speed three times that of traditional bending machines, reaching 0.5 times per second

The drive of this panel bending machine is all driven by servo motors, which means that the bending machine can accurately control the dimensional accuracy of each bend, and the accuracy of each dimension can be controlled within 0.03mm.

panel bending machine advantage

  1. Speed

The bending machine can fully automate production, with a maximum speed of 0.2 seconds per knife. You can clearly feel its production speed when producing complex sheet metal parts

  1. Save labor

The intelligent panel bending machine has low technical requirements for workers. Ordinary workers can take up their positions after training, without the need to hire experienced engineers. Its entire production process is fully automated, which can save a lot of labor costs.

  1. Security

The intelligent bending center does not require manual holding of workpieces, and the bending process is fully automated, without worrying about the safety hazards of misoperation.

  1. Control system

The control center of the intelligent panel bending machine adopts graphic visualization programming. Workers only need to input bending data based on the workpiece, and the system automatically generates bending instructions without the need for code programming. Ordinary workers can easily master the entire programming work in 2 hours.

  1. Industry 4.0

The intelligent bending machine reserves rich interfaces for convenient docking with other production lines. It can be connected to a robotic arm to achieve fully automated production of the entire production line.

technical specifications

Plate Width 1450mm
Plate Length1700mm
Bending Length1600mm
Bending Height 175mm (300 optional)
Material ThicknessAL: 2.5 mm
MS: 2.0 mm
SS: 1.5 mm
bender Angle0-180°
Opening Height180mm
Bending Speed0.5s / press
Min Radius1.2mm
Min Forming SizeFour sides 300*200mm
Min Forming SizeOne side 200mm
CNC Flexible Panel Bender

panel bending machine video

After-sales Services

1. Warranty Period:

The warranty period is 12 months after the completion of installation and commissioning

2. Warranty coverage:

  • During the warranty period, the supplier will carry out free maintenance for the faults occurring during the normal operation of the panel bending machine
  • During the warranty period, the supplier will repair or replace the parts damaged during the normal operation of the machine
  • After the supplier receives the buyer’s machine failure notice, the after-sales service engineer of the supplier will provide corresponding telephone or online support