• used vacuum furnace Sell at a low price

used vacuum furnace Sell at a low price

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Product Details

Our partner purchases and sells used vacuum furnace in China. There are various types of vacuum furnaces in the warehouse, and his warehouse has a long-term inventory of 30-50 vacuum furnaces of various functional sizes. You are very welcome to choose and purchase vacuum furnaces

used vacuum furnace of Our services

1, Acquisition of used vacuum aluminum,

We have acquired vacuum furnaces for a long time, regardless of their quality and service life, and regardless of their functionality

2, We sell used vacuum furnace at a low price,

and all vacuum furnaces we sell enjoy a 6-month quality guarantee, providing high-quality after-sales service for a long time

3, Vacuum furnace maintenance, we have a professional team to refurbish and repair any type of vacuum furnace.

If there are any problems with your vacuum furnace during use,

our technical team can provide technical support and repair services

4, Technical training: Our team has an average working age of over 15 years and has extensive work experience. If you are a new factory, we can provide technical services

5, Door-to-door transportation service,

as the used vacuum furnace is quite special, usually transported by sea or train, we can smoothly deliver it to your factory

used vacuum furnace inventory

nameWorking SizeQty
vacuum carburizing furnace60*60*90CM1 PCS
Vacuum tempering furnace70*70*120CM1 PCS
Vacuum carbonization furnace40*40*60CM1 PCS
vacuum braze furnace80*80*90CM1 PCS
Vacuum sintering furnace50*50*90CM1 PCS
Vacuum annealing furnace60*60*100CM1 PCS
vacuum brazing furnace60*60*120CM1 PCS
Vacuum quenching furnace90*90*160CM1 PCS
vacuum brazing furnace90*90*120CM1 PCS
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used vacuum furnace
used vacuum furnace

Our Advantages

1, A very professional vacuum furnace team with an average work experience of over 15 years can provide you with satisfactory technical and after-sales service

2, very cost-effective price,

75% of our used vacuum furnaces come from bankrupt factories, and the quality of the vacuum furnaces is very good

3, We have 30-50 used vacuum furnace available for you to choose from for a long time, spot trading, and you don’t need to wait for a long delivery time

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