• Spiral tube machine Suppliers in China

Spiral tube machine Suppliers in China

Tube material: copper, stainless steel, iron
Tube diameter: 8-70mm
Power supply: 380V/50Hz
Voltage: 11 kw
Cooling type: automatic circulation
tube Type: Spiral

Product Details

Machine Overview

The spiral tube machine is driven by an 11kva motor, which provides strong power to drive the rollers to rotate and roll the metal tube into a spiral shape,

This type of pipe is widely used in the field of heat exchangers, and water or oil flowing through the spiral pipe will form vortices, thereby achieving good cooling effects

The equipment is equipped with a circulating cooling device, which ensures that the roller mold will not generate high temperatures due to prolonged friction with the spiral tube during extrusion, thus protecting the service life of the roller mold

The spiral roller mold of this machine can be replaced, and customers can customize different molds according to the different sizes of the spiral tube. This design that can be replaced is very cost-effective for the factory’s later investment

Spiral tube machine data

Tube materialcopper, stainless steel, iron
Tube diameter8-70mm
Power supply380V/50Hz
Voltage11 kw
Machine ColorGreen
Cooling typeautomatic circulation
roller Moldreplaceable
tube TypeSpiral
Spiral tube machine
Spiral tube machine

Spiral tube machine advantage

1, Convenient replacement of roller molds,
This design can save a lot of capital costs for the factory’s later investment, and low-cost mold replacement production can meet the size requirements of different customers

2, Simple control system
The device only has 3 control buttons, which means workers can easily use this machine without long training

3, Equipped with a circulating cooling device
This Spiral tube machine comes with a cooling system to cool the roller mold, and the coolant can be recycled,

4, Reasonable structural design
This machine has undergone several major design updates, and its structure is reasonable and runs smoothly. It can basically ignore maintenance during normal production processes

5, Produce spiral pipes of any length
The hollowed-out design on both sides of the device theoretically allows it to produce pipes of any length

application area

fin tube equipment

This Spiral tube machine can produce the following tubes

  • Low fin tube,

this tube is made of metal, copper, aluminum, and iron, and the rollers of the machine squeeze the low-fin

  • Fin tube

this tube is made of two types of metal, the inner tube can be any material, and the outer fin is made of copper or aluminum

  • Spiral tube

This type of pipe has no fins, and the machine will squeeze the pipe, forming a spiral shape inside,

Spiral tube machine working video