• finning tube machine of Heat exchanger

finning tube machine of Heat exchanger

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Fin pitch range: 0-8.00 mm

brand: changheng

Finned tube length range: 0-15m

Main motor power: 7.5KW & 11KW

finning tube Machine weight: 1450 kg

Overall dimension: 2150*760*1430mm

Product Details

finning tube machine Features

The extruded aluminum finning tube machine adopts the form of a base tube sleeve aluminum tube. After the machine extrusion, the fin is formed. This fin is closely connected to the outer wall of the tube, with a high heat transfer coefficient and excellent heat transfer performance.

Main applications of finning tube

The integrally rolled threaded finning tube can be made of steel, aluminum, and copper, with an outer diameter of 10-45mm.  

The integrally rolled threaded finned tube is made of aluminum, with extremely fast heat transfer speed, and is suitable for working conditions with low pressure.

During the production of steel-aluminum extruded finned tube, a certain density aluminum tube is first sheathed on the base tube, which can be made of carbon steel pipe, stainless steel, and other materials.
Then it is extruded by a sheet binding machine to form a tight bimetallic composite pipe.

finning tube machine can make these types

finning tube

The advantages of the steel-aluminum extruded finned tube are: tight combination, low thermal resistance, good thermal conductivity, high compressive strength, low heat loss

With strong corrosion resistance, stable structure, and long service life, the fin surface is smooth and not easy to scale, easy to clean, and can maintain good heat transfer performance for a long time.

Steel and aluminum extruded finned tubes are widely used in the textile industry, ship, chemical industry, aviation, food drying, agriculture, electromechanical, household, and other fields.
Main applications of finned tube

finned tubes
finning tube machine

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Q & A

Q: What kind of packaging does this device have?

A: Wooden cases are used to package our machines.

Q: Do you still accept this payment method?

A: We accept L/C and cash payment

Q: What is the after-sales service of this machine?

A: Our machine complies with China’s after-sales requirements, and it has a one-year warranty

Q: Do you have a catalog of machines?

A: To speak with us and obtain the machine catalog, click the button.

Q: Can this machine’s appearance be changed?

A: Yes. This machine’s appearance can be altered.

Q: Are there any other services?

A: For the machine, we purchased ship transit insurance.

Q: When will this finning tube machine be delivered?

A: The delivery time is 40-45 days