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Machine Description

extruded fin tube making machine to lining aluminum tubes of different specifications with copper tubes or steel tubes, The fins are formed by rolling and laminating with the cutter in the unit, so as to increase the heat exchange area. Our metal fin tube machine has been upgraded to the third generation,
The utility model has the advantages of a compact structure, stable performance, and convenient operation.
Rolling range: fin root diameter Φ 15- Φ 45、Fin outer diameter Φ 15- Φ 80、Spacing 0-8mm, Finned tube length 0-15m.
Suitable for rolling all kinds of steel aluminum, copper aluminum, pure aluminum, pure copper, steel, and other finned tubes,
At the same time, it can process low-fin threaded pipe, spiral pipe, grooved pipe, corrugated pipe, and other products.

Main technical parameters

Distance between spindle centerline and worktable: 345 mm
Table height: 718 mm
Production speed: 80 – 100rpm;
Blade shaft diameter:Φ forty-five
External diameter of fin tube: Φ 18- Φ 70 mm
Inner diameter of pipe: Φ 8 mm Φ 12 mm Φ 15 mm
Fin pitch size: 0-8 mm
Finned tube length: 0-15000 mm
Motor power (optional): 7.5KW or 11KW
Machine weight: 1380 kg
Boundary dimension: 2150 * 760 * 1430mm

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Q & A

Q: Do you have a catalog of machines

A: contact us and get the machine catalog

Q: Are there any other services?

A: We bought ship transportation insurance for the machine

Q: What is the packaging of this machine?

A: Our machines are packed in wooden cases

Q: What is the after-sales service of this machine?

A: Our machine is in accordance with China’s after-sales standards, and its warranty is 12 months,

Q: Can the appearance of this machine be customized?

A: Yes. The appearance of this machine can be customized

Q: What is the delivery time of this fin pipe machine?

A: The delivery time of this machine is 45 days