• Robinson fin machine of High speed production

Robinson fin machine of High speed production

Delivery time: 65 days

Power Supply: 380V50Hz

Cut off drive: pneumatic

Length control: servo system

Appearance colors: customizing

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Robinson fin machine outline

Robinson Fin Machine The main function of this machine is to produce metal fins for various industrial applications, including heat exchangers. Oil cooler, intercooler, etc

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One of the most significant advantages of our machine compared to the Robinson Fin Machine is its ability to easily and cheaply replace molds.

This feature allows rapid adjustment to accommodate

the production of metal fins of different sizes and shapes without the need to replace the entire machine,

making it an ideal solution for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Machine certificateCE
Packagingwooden box
Appearance colorscustomizing
Length controlservo system
Cut off drivepneumatic
Power Supply380V/50-60Hz
Delivery time65 days
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In addition

the external design of our fin machine can be customized to meet the specific needs of users in terms of color, appearance, and brand.

It adds additional flexibility to the solution Compared to the Robinson fin machine,

our machine is equipped with servo-controlled cutting devices, which are key components in the machine.

A Servo motor is a device that can rotate to a precise angle based on its control signal,

making it an ideal choice for precise cutting.

The servo-controlled cutting device of the machine ensures that each metal fin is cut to the correct size and specification,

thereby improving the overall quality of the metal fin and maintaining effective consistency

In summary

our fin machine is a revolutionary solution for efficient fin production. Its low-cost mold replacement, customizable appearance, and precise cutting tools reflect the latest technological advances in fin manufacturing.

without doubt,

This machine will enable manufacturers to produce high-quality fins while at the same time, Minimizing costs to gain a competitive advantage.

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fin machine manufacturer

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