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  • aluminum inner fin machine of oil cooler and evaporator

aluminum inner fin machine of oil cooler and evaporator

Power Supply: 380/50-60Hz

power: 5.5kw

packing: Wooden box

brand: changheng

Delivery time: 65 days

Minimum order quantity: 1 pcs

Product Details

inner fin machine outline

This inner fin machine can produce various high-precision fins for evaporators and oil coolers and bar heat exchangers, such as window fins, wavy fins, etc

The equipment has a PLC touchscreen control system, which can achieve visual operation. The operation of the inner fin machine is very simple, and it can produce various high-precision fins. The machine runs stably, and the mold is replaced quickly.

This machine can process raw materials such as aluminum foil and copper foil, iron foil, stainless steel foil, and titanium alloy foil, A variety of fins can be produced with low-cost mold replacement

Through the unremitting efforts of our engineers, they continue to improve and optimize our internal fin machine. Currently, the machine can be fully automated, and unattended production

aluminum fins
aluminum fins
max speed144 times/min
packingWooden box
Delivery time65 days
MOQ1 pcs
Power Supply380/50-60Hz

Why Choose Our inner fin machines

Our machines are far superior in quality to our competitors

We manufacture high-quality machines while also taking into account very competitive prices

Customize your fin, we can design and manufacture any type of fin mold based on your fin

Fully automatic fin production machines. Currently, no other company can achieve the production of fully automatic machines except us

Fast delivery, our warehouse has long-term inventory, if you do not have customized molds, our fastest delivery time only needs 2 weeks

Inner fin machine factory

Inner fin machine factory
wavy fin machine

Our Customers

cutting machine

Q & A

Q: How long will it take you to build this machine?

A: We have this machine in stock. If you need to customize this machine, the delivery time is approximately 65 days.

Q: Can you provide a CE certificate for this machine?

A: Yes, we have a CE certificate for this machine

Q: Can we choose a white appearance for this inner fin machine?

A: No problem, if you don’t need inventory machines, you can choose any color machine