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fin tube rolling machine at best price in china

fin tube rolling machine outline

This fin tube rolling machine is specialized in producing two metal spiral fin tubes with different diameters. It can produce special finned tubes for bimetallic heat exchangers

This machine adopts a 3-axis rolling roller design, an independent lubrication cooler device, and customized special tools. This fin tube machine can realize completely independent and automatic production

Our machines have very stable product quality, a simple operation control system, a very competitive price, and are very popular with customers. At present, our machines have been exported to Europe, South America, the Middle East, and many other countries

fin tube rolling machine
fin tube machine

fin tube rolling machine features

The tool holder of the machine adopts the advanced double-arc key structure design, which can bear large torque and provide an effective guarantee for the stable production of the machine

The tool holder of the machine adopts a split design, which is very convenient to adjust the size and clean the blades

The blade spindle adopts a special tapered sliding bearing, which improves the service life of the machine

The universal joint and main shaft are connected by splines; The torque output of the motor is not lost

The coolant storage tank is designed independently, It is very easy to replace and clean

Special extrusion blade design, the longer service life of the blade

this finning machine can make these types

Finning Machine
Fin materialcopper
tube materialcopper
fin thickness0.2-0.4mm
tube sizeΦ 10-38mm
Φ 8-51mm
Fin height< 17mm
Fin pitch0.6-2mm
tube diameterΦ25-88mm
tube length< 20m
tube fin machine
fin tube machine

tube fin machine video