High speed fin machine from China

Machine Overview

The high-speed fin machine is a specialized equipment for producing cooling products. Here, we mainly introduce two types of machines: one for producing HVAC heat exchangers, and the other for producing plate and bar heat exchangers.

The HVAC fin press machine is a high-speed stamping machine that consists of a feeder, lubrication device, stamping machine, mold, and receiving machine. Its fastest production speed is approximately 200-260 times per minute.

The plate and bar fin-making machine is a small device that produces fins of different shapes such as sawtooth, wave, flat, etc. The maximum press pressure of this machine is 5-8 tons, and the fastest production speed is 144 times per minute.

Their common feature is that the molds can be replaced, and the entire production process does not require human intervention, achieving fully automated production

High speed fin machine Machine List

foil fin progressive die

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Progressive mold

Fin progressive die of heat exchanger

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copper fin machine

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Heat exchanger punching fin machine

condenser Fin stamping machine

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HVAC fin machine working video

HVAC fin machine Technical Parameter

1Motor Power5.5kw
2Die Height200-270mm
3Slide of Stroke40mm
4Overload Protect TypeHydraulic
5Angle DisplayPilot Pin
Digital Mode
high speed fin machine
This high-speed fin machine can produce these fins

Plate and bar fin-making machine working video

plate and fin-making machine Technical Parameter

1Fin pitch1-10mm
2Fin materialsaluminum & copper
3Fin height1.5-12mm
4Max speed144 times / S
5Overall sizeAbout 155*76*168cm
6Machine weightAbout 1550kg
high speed fin machine
This machine can produce these fins

The advantages of machines

1, It can automatically produce
These high speed fin machine are set up to produce continuously without human supervision. When the output meets the set value, the machines will automatically stop

2, Mold replaceable design
This design can replace molds at a low cost according to different application scenarios, meeting the requirements of different customers

3, Application of multiple raw materials
Both machines can produce various metal raw materials, such as copper, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium alloys

4, Multiple sizes of arrangement
These machines can produce fins of various sizes arranged in one mold, and engineers only need simple settings, which is very friendly for factories with multiple size requirements