louvre fin machine make radiator and condenser fins

In order to meet market demand, a new type of louvre fin production equipment, Louvre Fin Machine, has been developed.

This machine is mainly used for producing louver fins for automotive engine radiators and condensers in automotive air conditioners,

The main features of this equipment include fast production speed, precise length cutting, fully automated unmanned production, and the ability to produce louver fins of different widths using a combination of roller blades.

louvre fin machine characteristic

1, The fast production speed of Louvre Fin Machine is one of its major characteristics. Compared with traditional machines, its production efficiency is greatly improved. Can produce 80-120 meters per minute

It adopts high-precision processing technology and an automated control system, which can produce a large number of louver fins in a short time.

This enables manufacturers to complete orders faster and improve production efficiency.

2, The precise length cutting of Louvre Fin Machine is also one of its main features. In the process of producing louver fins, the Machine can be precisely controlled by servo motors to ensure that the length of each fin is consistent.

This helps to ensure the core quality of the production of radiators and condensers while reducing unnecessary waste and costs.

radiator aluminum fin

3, Louvre Fin Machine fully automated unmanned production is also one of its important features. This machine can automatically complete all processing processes,

from the input of raw materials to the output of louver fins, without the need for manual intervention.

This greatly improves production efficiency and reduces production costs.

4, Louvre Fin Machine combination roller blades can produce louver fins of different widths, which is also unique. This machine can easily produce fins of different widths without replacing any rollers.

This allows manufacturers to produce different types of radiators without additional roller cost investment, flexibly adjusting product specifications and dimensions, and improving market competitiveness.

Technical Parameter

fin materialsAluminum & copper
Fin height4.5 – 12 mm
fin lengthAny size
Feeding speed120 meters/minute
Cutting speed100 times/minute
Cutting drivePneumatic
Length controlservo motor

machine video