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  • Air leak tester machine used for automotive parts and industry

Air leak tester machine used for automotive parts and industry

Catalog: Testing machine

Power supply: 220V/50Hz

Application: Parts that require sealing testing

Test pressure: max 0.8 mpa and min 0.1 mpa

Usage environment: normal workshop

Display frequency: 7 inches

Product Details


The Air leak tester machine is used for sealing performance testing of automotive and industrial parts to improve the reliability of product quality. This equipment has become a key part of the production process for automotive and industrial component manufacturers. As the industry moves forward, this leakage testing work has become very important

Therefore, leak tester equipment needs to meet stricter performance requirements. Their tooling must also adapt to the structural design of automotive parts, the pressure changes during the testing process must be clear and easy to understand, and the storage of various testing data must be safe and reliable

In order to meet the various technical requirements of the automotive parts industry and lead the development of automotive parts technology, we have developed this advanced Air leak testing machine to meet the market demand

Air leak tester machine features

1, The tooling can be easily replaced according to the structure of the parts to adapt to various automotive parts

2, It can be connected to an industrial computer and has achieved online testing and remote control of this machine, which can meet the requirements of Industry 4.0

3, The air pressure is displayed digitally, allowing engineers to easily read various technical parameters

4, This leak tester machine will not produce any noise

5, The power supply is 220V, which consumes 24V of electricity per hour, which is very energy-saving

6, This equipment can be applied to various automotive and industrial parts that require sealing testing

Air leak tester machine technical parameters

Power supply220V/50Hz
ApplicationParts that require
sealing testing
Test pressuremax 0.8 mpa
min 0.1 mpa
Usage environmentnormal workshop
Display frequency7 inches
Instrument LanguageEnglish
Workbench sizecustomized
to customers
Instrument size350 * 250 * 180mm
pressure leak tester
air leak tester machine

Support and Services

  1. Design specialized tooling based on your accessory structure, and the Air leak tester machine can be used for testing your parts
  2. Based on your production pace, design a workbench with multiple workstations to adapt to your production capacity
  3. Customize the appearance of the machine to meet the overall color uniformity and aesthetics of your factory
  4. We accept intelligent management of customized testing systems, such as testing data collection, printing, remote control, online testing, etc
  5. Free machine installation and training, allowing you to use the device without any worries
  6. Multiple language control systems are available for you to choose from, allowing every worker to quickly use this instrument, which is also the driving force for our hard work
leak testing


  • Various automotive parts that require sealing testing, such as car radiators, engine objects, oil pumps, etc
  • Industrial tanks, kettles, pipelines, Heat exchangers Oil coolers etc
  • Mechanical equipment and parts in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Mobile IP68 testing, watches, etc
  • Parts in other fields

Air leak tester machine video

Q & A

Q: Can this machine test the sealing performance of car fan motors?

A: Of course, we have a set of professional automatic tooling for testing various sizes of motors, and using our testing machine is a perfect combination.

Q: What is the production rhythm of this testing machine?

A: The structure and size of the product are different, and there are many variations in the production rhythm. We need to know the special characteristics of your product in order to know its production rhythm. I suggest you contact our engineers for more details.

Q: Can this machine test aluminum radiators for trucks and engineering vehicles?

A: The air leak tester machine tested these radiators without any problems, which is our very professional field.