• hydraulic tube expander machine for heat exchanger

hydraulic tube expander machine for heat exchanger

Origin: China
Packing: wooden case
Expansion medium: running water
max pressure: 99 Mpa
Input power: 220V / 50Hz

Product Details

hydraulic tube expander machine outline

This hydraulic tube expander machine is the key machine for producing large industrial heat exchangers. It mainly expands the tubes of the heat exchanger, so that the tubes and fins are tightly combined to achieve a rapid cooling effect.

The machine is controlled by PLC, touch screen, and other control systems. The compressed air drives two high-pressure liquid booster pumps to transfer the high pressure to the inside of the pipe, so as to expand the pipe.

The tube expander machine can quickly change tools, produce pipes with different outer diameters, expand a copper pipe with a diameter of 25mm and a length of 5m, and the pressure rise time can be completed in a few seconds

tube expander machine
hydraulic tube expander machine


1. To produce heat exchangers of different sizes, only two tools need to be replaced, and its cost is very low

2. The expansion of one tube at a time is not restricted by the size of row spacing and Column spacing. That is to say, only one side of the outer diameter of the tube of the heat exchanger needs to be matched, and other dimensions need not be considered

3. The power supply of the machine is 220V, and the actual use is 24V, which is very power-saving

4. The expansion liquid medium of the machine is ordinary tap water, which has no pollution

5. The hydraulic tube expander machine can realize silent production, and the operators do not need to wear ear covers

technical data

  1. Rated expansion pressure: 0-45 MPa
  2. Maximum test pressure: 45 MPa
  3. Expansion speed: about 1 pcs / min
  4. Expansion medium: running water
  5. max pressure: 99 Mpa
  6. Input power: 220V / 50Hz
  7. Control system: PLC
  8. Workstation: 1 station
  9. name: hydraulic tube expander machine
  10. Packing: wooden case
  11. Delivery time: 55 days delivery port
tube expander machine