• Flexible expander machine of Industrial heat exchanger

Flexible expander machine of Industrial heat exchanger

Disposable expansion tube: 2-16 optional

Power supply: according to customer requirements

Drive type: servo motor

Touch screen: 7 inches

Touch screen language: English and Chinese

Tube diameter: 6-20mm (customized)

Product Details

Machine Overview

The flexible expander machine uses servo motors as the main power source, which provides high control accuracy and dynamic response.

Servo motors can accurately control the movement of machines, including the length of expansion pipes, to ensure the accuracy of the machining process.

When designing such machines, various factors will be considered, such as processing speed, length of expansion tube, force control, system stability, and user-friendly interface.

This type of flexible expander machine usually has good adaptability and can customize different geometric arrangements according to customer needs to adapt to different shapes and sizes of pipes and heat exchanger workpieces.

This customization capability enables machines to provide solutions in various engineering applications, such as pipeline connections, industrial heat exchangers, and large condensers.

Flexible expander machine data

Touch screen7 inches
Maximum length5 meters
10-20 meters
Power supply3-phase
Tube materialaluminum,
stainless steel, copper
expansion tube2-16 tubes
Drive typeDrive Type
Expansion error0.5-1mm
Tube diameter6-20mm (customized)
Delivery time40-45 days
Packaging typewooden box
Flexible expanding machines
Flexible expander machine

Flexible expander machine advantage

1, Customizing different geometric arrangements:

This machine can be customized according to specific needs to adapt to different diameters and shapes of heat exchangers, providing a variety of expansion tube solutions.

2, Servo motor drive, precise control:

The servo motor provides precise power control, ensuring the accuracy and repeatability of the expansion process, which is particularly important for factories with strict quality requirements.

3, 7-inch touchscreen customizable language:

The touch screen on the Flexible Expander machine operation interface allows customization in different languages,

making it convenient for engineers and technicians worldwide to use and reducing engineer training costs

4, Precise control of pipe length:

Users can preset the expansion pipe length according to project requirements, simplifying the setting process and improving work efficiency.

5, Silent production:

The design focuses on reducing noise levels to make the working environment more comfortable, while also reducing noise interference to the external environment.

6, Equipped with a balance scale:

The Flexible expanding machine is equipped with a balance scale that can reduce the physical burden on operators, reduce fatigue and related health problems that may be caused by long-term work.

Flexible expander machine working video

Q & A

Q: What materials of pipes can this machine expand?

A: It can expand materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, etc.

Q: What is the maximum length of this flexible expander machine?

A: The default length of this machine is 5 meters, and the needle can be replaced to achieve a length of 10-20 meters.

Q: Can this machine achieve the expansion of pipes with different diameters?

A: Of course, simply replacing the expanded ball can easily achieve different diameters.