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Crossflow heat exchanger Machine manufacturer

Machine Overview

The crossflow heat exchanger machine is an automated production equipment designed with high efficiency and versatility. The entire production line consists of a material feeding system, mold pressing equipment, automatic conveyance devices, cutting units, and a control system, among others. Through these integrated systems, the production line can automatically complete the entire production process from raw materials to finished products.

The design of the production line allows one mold to apply to various sizes, meaning that users do not need to change molds for every different size. This greatly reduces production costs and downtime, enhancing the flexibility of production. Users only need one production line to manufacture different specifications of cross-flow heat exchangers, meeting the diverse market demand.

Moreover, the control system of the Crossflow heat exchanger machine adopts advanced technology, enabling precise production control and ensuring the stability of product quality. The control system can also be connected with the enterprise’s information management system to monitor and analyze production data in real-time, helping the enterprise to optimize production processes and improve management efficiency.

Overall, the cross-flow heat exchanger machine’s fully automated production line is compact, space-saving, functionally comprehensive, and suitable for the production demands of modern factories.

Crossflow heat exchanger Machine working video

Cross flow heat exchanger core

Design type of aluminum plate

We offer customized designs for Crossflow heat exchanger aluminum plates with various patterns. Regardless of how unique or complex your needs may be, our experienced mold designers are committed to ensuring that your expectations are met to perfection.

Crossflow heat exchanger Machine advantage

Automated production

Automated production of sheet metal, using mechanical and servo motors to manufacture sheets accurately and efficiently.

Efficient control

The touch screen of this machine has been preset in various sizes, making it very convenient to switch between different sizes

Multi size sharing

Scientific mold design ensures the production of various sizes of plates, meeting the diverse needs of each customer without the need for large-scale investment

Flexible stacking tools

This tool can be applied to every size, and the edge of the heat exchanger has been bent twice, forming a good sealing effect and perfectly solving the problem of leakage

Crossflow heat exchanger Machine data

cross flow plate heat exchanger
1Power supply:3-phase
4Touch screen
5Operation mode:continuous production
6Production speed:6-15 PCS/min
8Layout patternAny pattern

Q & A

Q: What is the driving force for pressing on this production line?

A: It is driven by hydraulic pressure, and the motor’s voltage is 5.5kw.

Q: The core of the convective heat exchanger is manually stacked?

A: We have automatic machines to choose from.

Q: What is the maximum load capacity of the uncoiler?

A: Its maximum load capacity is 12 tons, which can meet the maximum size of aluminum foil material.