• plate and frame heat exchanger manufacturer

plate and frame heat exchanger manufacturer

Flat plate: SS304 or Titanium alloy

Frame: Ordinary carbon steel

Sealing strip: EPDM

MOQ: 1 pcs

External dimensions: customized

Heat exchanger structure

This type of plate and frame heat exchanger is composed of metal plates, sealing strips, frames, and fixing screws,

Metal plates are usually made of SS304 as the material, and the surface ripples are formed by pressing with a hydraulic press. When multiple plates are stacked together, the ripples will form multiple channels, and cold and hot liquids will each flow through the channels for heat exchange

The function of the sealing strip is to seal the gaps between the plates, and this sealing gasket uses ethylene propylene diene monomer as the main raw material, with a dual sealing design

The frame is made of ordinary carbon steel, with a thickness of approximately 10-20mm. After being fixed with screws, it can effectively lock all the plates and sealing strips, allowing the plate and frame heat exchanger to withstand a working pressure of 1.6 MPa

plate heat exchangers


  • Efficient and energy-saving: Compared to shell and tube heat exchangers, their thermal efficiency is 3-5 times higher.
  • Compact structure: Thanks to its efficient heat exchange efficiency, the structure of this heat exchanger is very compact
  • Easy to clean: The plate and frame heat exchanger use bolts to lock the frame tightly, making it easy to open and clean the interior
  • Long service life: The plates are made of stainless steel or titanium alloy as raw materials, which are not easily corroded
  • Strong adaptability: The board is an independent component that can be added or reduced at will to meet various application scenarios
  • Reliable design: The sealing groove of the plate heat exchanger has a channel design to prevent cross-flow. If there is a leak, the cold and hot liquids will always be discharged outward and will not mix.

plate and frame heat exchanger factory

application area

  • Solar energy utilization
  • chemical industry
  • steel industry
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Machinery manufacturing industry
  • food industry
  • Beer production
  • textile industry
  • paper industry
  • Central heating
  • Thermal power plant
  • Boiler heating
  • Oil and fat industry
  • electric power industry
  • Marine diesel engine
  • Central cooler
  • Seawater desalination

plate and frame heat exchanger data

Part NameRaw Material
Flat plateSS304
Titanium alloy
FrameOrdinary carbon steel
Sealing stripEPDM
ScrewStainless steel
NutStainless steel
PackagingWooden box
plate to plate heat exchanger
heat exchanger plate

Q & A

Q: What is the delivery time for this type of heat exchanger?

A: The usual delivery time is 30 days, while the delivery time for large-sized heat exchangers is 45 days.

Q: Can we only buy metal plates and sealing strips?

A: of course, We have many stamping molds that can produce various sizes, For more details, you can contact our engineers.

Q: What is your service policy for this frame heat exchanger?

A: We strictly follow China’s mandatory service policy, and the guarantee period for this heat exchanger is one year