• Stainless steel fin machine of heat exchanger

Stainless steel fin machine of heat exchanger

Fin type: serrated, wavy, straight

Fin height: 1.5-12mm

Maximum width: 300mm

Cutting type: automatic

MOQ: 1 pcs

Delivery time: 45 days

Product Details

Machine Overview

The stainless steel fin machine is a highly automated equipment that can produce various types of high-precision fins, such as serrated and wavy types.

This type of machine is usually equipped with a PLC touchscreen control system to achieve visual operation, allowing operators to intuitively understand the operation status and production process of the equipment.

Stainless steel fin machine Features

1, High precision:

This fin machine can produce high-precision fins, ensuring that the quality and performance of the product meet the standards.

2, Stable operation:

The machine adopts a four-pillar design, which has stable operating performance and can run continuously for a long time without any faults.

3, Quick mold replacement:

The mold replacement speed of this Stainless steel fin machine is fast, producing various types of fins to meet different application needs

4, Strong scalability:

This machine has good scalability and can be connected to other automated production lines to achieve automated production.

5, Simple operation:

The machine is easy to operate, learn, and master, reducing the difficulty of operation and training costs.

Technical Parameter

1Fin materialstainless steel
2Lubricating oilvolatile oil
3Fin typeserrated
4Fin height1.5-12mm
5Maximum width300mm
6Cutting typeautomatic
7MOQ1 pcs
8Delivery time45 days
Stainless steel fin machine
Stainless steel fin machine

Stainless steel fin machine working video

Working principle

1, Unwinding machine:

It is used to fix and unfold metal coils, and smoothly feed materials into subsequent processing equipment.

2, Lubrication device:

Before the metal sheet is pressed into fins through a mold, a layer of lubricant is usually applied to the surface of the sheet to protect the metal surface from damage.

3, Fin press machine:

It uses molds to press metal materials, forming specific geometric shapes such as serrated or wavy shapes

4, Cutting device:

After the fins are pressed out, they can be accurately separated according to the predetermined size.

This is the entire production process of the stainless steel fin machine, and the equipment can achieve unmanned production throughout the entire production process

Stainless steel fin machine