Aluminum fin forming machine for sell

Fin forming machine features:

This aluminum fin forming machine is the key machine for producing automobile cooling products, such as radiators, condensers, intercoolers, etc. It mainly uses two sets of rollers to roll and form foil, producing 120m of aluminum foil raw materials per minute

The aluminum fin forming machine can produce aluminum and copper materials, and the thickness of foil is about 0.06-0.12m. The machine adopts the structural design of replaceable roller mold, which can quickly change the mold to produce different fin types, not as good as shutter type, wave type, straight type, etc

The control system of the equipment is composed of PLC and a touch screen. The brand of the electrical appliance is from Siemens or Mitsubishi, which basically realizes the visual operation. The operation of the machine is simple and the production quality is stable

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This aluminum fin-forming machine has been installed with a servo cut-off device. The touch screen sets the fin length data. The machine will automatically cut off according to the length of the size. The length tolerance of each fin is about 0.5mm

This machine has an automatic lubricating device for volatile oil, The amount of volatile oil can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the production speed, It can also control the operating mode of the fuel injection nozzle, indirect injection, or continuous injection

The roller mold of this machine can produce fins with different width dimensions. The maximum width dimension is 86mm and the minimum width dimension is 16mm. It can also produce all width dimensions of 18mm/26mm/32mm/40mm/48mm/56mm/64mm

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fin forming machine technical data

Overall dimension4650*750*1750mm
Foil materialaluminum
Motor power2.2kw
Production speed0-120M
Cutting speed60 times/min
Power supply380V/50Hz
PackingWooden box
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