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Metal stamping mold for Industrial sector

foil fin progressive die

Mold Overview

We provide a wide range of customized metal stamping mold services, specifically tailored to the needs of industrial applications. Our team is able to design and manufacture molds suitable for various stamping types based on the specific requirements of customers. We have professional technical capabilities and rich practical experience to provide you with the most suitable solutions, whether it is the need for continuous stamping molds to achieve mass production or the need for high-speed and precise fin progressive molds to meet high standards of machining accuracy. Our goal is to ensure the reliability, durability, and high efficiency of molds to meet your production needs and enhance your competitiveness.

Our metal stamping mold

Continuous die tool

condenser fin mold and Progressive die

The condenser fin mold is a high-speed continuous production of die, this stamping die in the heat exchanger industry has a very wide range of use

Progressive mold

Fin progressive die of heat exchanger

This kind of fin Progressive die is suitable for automobile radiators, household air conditioners, central air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc.

Metal stamping mold

Motor Lamination Stamping Die

The motor lamination stamping die is an efficient production tool used to mass-produce iron cores in the motor production process.

Metal stamping mold

progressive stamping die of high-quality for sell

The progressive stamping die is a method of gradually manufacturing products by gradually manufacturing parts to form a complete product.

Why choose our stamping molds

Easy to maintain:
A well-designed mold is easy to maintain and helps maintain production stability and continuity.

High-quality stamping molds are made of wear-resistant materials and have a long service life

Stamping molds can be customized according to the specific needs of customers, including different sizes, shapes, and functions, to meet special production requirements.

High precision:
Stamping molds can accurately manufacture the required parts, ensuring that the size and shape of the finished product meet strict tolerance requirements.

technical parameter of metal stamping mold

Production: Metal
Product: Customized
Category: Continuous,&Single
Guide pillars: multiple
Application: Industrial
Board material:RC12 & SK51
work type: Stamping
Needle brand:LIDA
Color: Green
Delivery time:45 days

Metal stamping mold working video

Q & A

Q: Can you customize continuous production molds for metals?

A: Of course, this is our specialized field.

Q: What needs to be provided for customizing metal stamping molds?

A: Need to provide samples of parts or D3 design.

Q: What is the warranty policy for these molds?

A: Stamping molds usually take 300000 times or a year.