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pipe expanding machine for heat exchanger

This equipment is called a pipe expanding machine, and the factory needs efficient automated equipment to produce the core of the heat exchanger.

It compresses the expansion of the heat exchanger’s pipes, making the pipes and fins tightly fit together, giving the entire core a good cooling function

main features of pipe expanding machine

1, Servo hydraulic station drive: The pipe expansion machine is driven by a servo-hydraulic station,

which can provide sufficient pressure and flow to ensure the accuracy and stability of the pipeline expansion process.

2, Touch screen control system: Users can set various parameters on the touch screen, such as pipe diameter, expansion distance, expansion speed, etc.,

to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the expansion process.

heat exchanger make machine

3, Accept customization of any size: The pipe expanding machine can accept customization of any size,

which means that users can produce pipes of any size as needed without the need for manual adjustment.

4, Silent production: The working noise of the tube expanding machine is very low,

which ensures that it will not produce noise pollution during the production process.

5, Efficient production: The pipe expanding machine adopts automated control technology, which can achieve efficient production and improve production efficiency.

Pipe diameterφ9.52mm
column spacing25.4mm
Row spacing22mm
Max length size3000mm
Hydraulic stationServo motor drive
control systemPLC
touch screenAlready included
Production typevertical
Vertical expander machine
Vertical expander

Q & A

Q: Can this machine produce pipes with a diameter of 11.5 mm?

A: This is a customized machine, and we manufacture it according to the size you need.

Q: What is the power supply for this machine?

A: The power supply of this machine is 380V/50Hz, and we can customize this control system according to the power supply in your country.

A: This pipe expanding machine is vertical or horizontal?

Q: The machines in this video are of the vertical type, and we can provide horizontal machines.