• Nitrogen Generator Manufacturer in China

Nitrogen Generator Manufacturer in China

Air compressor: 250KW

Air storage tank: 5m ³/ 0.8MPA

Third stage filter: FCTA

Cold drying machine: 55m ³/ eighty

PSA nitrogen generator: JJFD29-750

Nitrogen storage tank: 3m ³/ 0.8MPA

Product Details

The nitrogen generator refers to a machine that uses air as the main raw material and uses physical methods to separate oxygen and nitrogen from it to obtain nitrogen.

This equipment usually consists of an air compressor, an air storage tank, a nitrogen separation equipment, a nitrogen storage tank, and a control system

The nitrogen generator used in the industry usually uses two adsorption towers in parallel, and the imported PLC controls the automatic operation of the imported pneumatic valve. It alternates between pressurized adsorption and decompression regeneration to complete nitrogen-oxygen separation and obtain the required high-purity nitrogen.

Nitrogen Generator Equipment characteristics

Convenient and fast nitrogen production:

The latest generation of nitrogen generators uses a unique airflow distributor to distribute the airflow more evenly and efficiently utilize carbon molecular sieves, providing qualified nitrogen in about 20 minutes.

Easy to use:

This nitrogen generator has a compact structure and a small footprint, without the need for additional sources of use. It only needs to be connected to a power source to produce nitrogen.

Low cost nitrogen production:

PSA process is a simple nitrogen production method, mainly using air as raw material, without the need for additional raw material consumption, and with low nitrogen production costs

Automated operation:

PLC controls fully automatic operation, with nitrogen flow rate, pressure, and purity. These technical parameters can be adjusted freely according to production needs, achieving unmanned and fully automatic production.

Widely used scenarios:

The application scenarios of this device are very extensive, such as metal heat treatment,

  • Chemical Industry Production,
  • Production of rubber and plastic products,
  • Oxygen removal and preservation packaging in the food industry,
  • Purification in the beverage industry,
  • Nitrogen filling in the pharmaceutical industry,
  • Gas protection in the electronic industry, etc

Nitrogen Generator Technical indicators

Flow rate5-1000Nm3/h
Purity: 95% -99.9995%
Dew point: ≤ -40 ℃
Pressure:≤ 0.8Mpa adjustable
nitrogen making machine
nitrogen machine

Nitrogen Generator factory video

Nitrogen Generator Working principle

1, Air compression machines produce high-pressure air and store it in a tank, usually with a pressure not exceeding 0.8 MPa.

2, The compressed air in the storage tank passes through a cold dryer, and the cooled compressed air is sent to the adsorption tower of the nitrogen generator for primary separation of oxygen and nitrogen.

3, The nitrogen gas that has undergone primary separation is transported to the B adsorption tower for further separation of oxygen and nitrogen.

The nitrogen gas that does not meet the purity standards will be separated and sent to the regeneration system for three purification cycles. The qualified nitrogen gas will be sent to the storage tank.

4, The manufactured nitrogen gas will be stored in the tank, and over time, the nitrogen pressure in the tank will gradually increase.

5, When the pressure of nitrogen meets the production requirements, nitrogen can be used, and the entire nitrogen manufacturing process ends here.

Nitrogen Generator Part brand

Part nameMold Brand
Third stage filterFCTA055 3hangzhu
Electric drainer JORCQIAOKE
Air Cold machine A-055Hangzhou
PSA nitrogen generator CH-FD29CHANGHENG
Adsorber Φ 1400 * 1750WUXI
Carbon molecular sieve CMS-280Hangzhou
Pilot solenoid valve 4V210 Yadeke
Pneumatic valveSKFSKF
Stop valve DN125-25SKF
Flowmeter LZB-100Changzhou
Voltage stabilizingJJ-W 1 Weifang
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Q & A

Q: You can produce 750 cubic meters/hour of nitrogen machine?

A: We are a nitrogen Generator factory that can produce it. We also have many small machines to choose from

Q: What air compressor does a 750 cubic meter machine need to be equipped with?

A: It requires a 250kw air compressor.

Q: Can your machine be compatible with a 220V three-phase, 60Hz power supply?

A: Of course, our machine can be adapted according to your electrical appliances.