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From a leading vacuum furnace manufacturer in China, we produce approximately 80 vacuum equipment of different sizes and functions every year. We provide high-quality vacuum furnaces to our customers on time and solve all production technical problems. These are the driving forces behind our ability to work

Our vacuum furnace manufacturer has strong technical strength, and our engineering team has an average working age of more than 12 years. Whether you need a vacuum furnace for high-temperature annealing, brazing, gas quenching, oil quenching, surface gloss and other processes, we can provide perfect solutions

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vacuum quenching furnace

vacuum hardening furnace

Equipment Overview The vacuum hardening furnace is a heat treatment equipment for metal materials, whose main function is to heat the metal material in a vacuum environment to quickly cool it after reaching a certain temperature, Thereby changing the microstructure…

Gas Quenching Furnace

vacuum annealing furnace manufacture

Machine Overview The vacuum annealing furnace is an efficient, reliable, and safe metal material hot working equipment, suitable for annealing and heat treatment processes of various metals, widely used in aerospace, mechanical manufacturing, electronic industry, and other fields. The vacuum…

Vacuum Gas Quencher Furnace

vacuum induction furnace for sale

Machine Overview This vacuum induction furnace adopts induction heating technology, with a maximum temperature of up to 3000 °C. Its chamber is made of stainless steel material and equipped with a water cooling system to maintain the stability and continuous…

Vacuum oil Quenching Furnace

Vacuum Sintering Furnace of China Supplier

Machine Overview The Vacuum sintering furnace is a device that utilizes the principle of medium-frequency induction heating and operates under the protection of hydrogen gas after vacuuming. It heats the tungsten crucible to high temperature through an induction coil and…

vacuum quencher furnace

Vacuum Gas Quenching Furnace Manufacturer

Product Description This vacuum gas quenching furnace is suitable for quenching high-speed tool steel, cutting steel, and other alloy steels. It has a convection heating function and can achieve fully automatic stage quenching, tempering, annealing, and other heat treatment processes….

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vacuum heat treatment furnace at best price in China

This vacuum heat treatment furnace is an industrial production equipment with a vacuum environment, which has a wide range of applications, such as the military industry, shipbuilding industry, digital products, pharmaceutical industry, aerospace, etc Our engineers and heat treatment experts…

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used vacuum furnace Sell at a low price

Our partner purchases and sells used vacuum furnace in China. There are various types of vacuum furnaces in the warehouse, and his warehouse has a long-term inventory of 30-50 vacuum furnaces of various functional sizes. You are very welcome to…

vacuum brazing process

Vacuum aluminum brazing furnace operation steps

the Vacuum aluminum brazing furnace is a machine for producing complex aluminum products and providing one-time welding, When the common aluminum material welding methods can not meet the production process requirements, vacuum brazing technology has developed, which perfectly solves the…

Vacuum furnace manufacturer services

1, Manufacturing vacuum furnaces

We cooperate with high-quality Chinese suppliers, and the vacuum furnace adopts a modular design. Many factories produce parts for us, and the final assembly and debugging are very easy, providing effective guarantees for fast delivery

2, Installation and debugging

As is well known, vacuum furnaces have a large volume, and in order to facilitate transportation, we must disassemble them. When they arrive at the user’s factory for assembly, our engineers will participate in the entire installation work and debug it to meet the standard of normal use

3, Technical training

Some new factories are using vacuum furnaces for the first time and they are not proficient in vacuum technology. Our engineers can provide full training to help users achieve the expected results of their products. If you purchase a vacuum furnace from us, this service is usually free of charge

4, Sea transportation

We have a good cooperative relationship with shipping companies, and no matter which country you are in, we can safely and steadily deliver it to your factory without any involvement in the process

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