• Fin press machine Fully automatic production line

Fin press machine Fully automatic production line

Capacity: 450 KN
Slide of Stroke: 40MM
Die Height: 200~270mm
Overall Dimensions: 650×250×233cm
Main Motor Power: 5.5kw
Size of Table(H×W×T): 80×58×10cm

Product Details

Machine Overview

The aluminum Fin press machine, also known as a fin punch machine, is mechanical equipment used for the automatic production of heat exchanger fins. It is a highly automated machine that can achieve efficient, precise, and stable production.

In the heat exchanger manufacturing industry, fin punching machines are widely used to produce various shapes of fins, Such as condenser fins, heat exchanger fins, etc

The working principle of the fin punch is to use a high-speed rotating punch to punch the fin material to achieve the formation of the fins.

This machine can achieve 300 stamping times per minute. The fin press machine already includes two other parts: an uncoiler and a vacuum storage machine. The uncoiler is used to transport the fin material, while the vacuum storage machine is used to store and store the formed fins.

fin press machine

technical data

Capacity450 KN
Slide of Stroke40MM
Die Height200~270mm
Overall Dimensions650×250×233cm
Main Motor Power5.5kw
Size of Table(H×W×T)80×58×10cm
Sucking Length100cm
Stroke150~250 S. P. M
used fin press machine
fin press machine

fin die data

  • φ9.52-25*21.65 12 rows 1P
  • Φ9.52-25*21.65 12rows 2P
  • Φ12.7-31.75X*27.5 12Rows 1P
  • φ9.52-25.4*22 12rows 1P
  • φ15.88-38.1*33 6rows 1P
  • 3/8-30*30 6rows 1P

Fin press machine apply

The automation level of the Fin press machine is very high, and it can achieve full automation production. The combination of fin punch and progressive die can complete the entire production process in one go.

Compared with traditional manual production, Fin press machines can significantly improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and ensure product quality and stability.

In the heat exchanger manufacturing industry,

fin punch machines are widely used to meet the production needs of various fin shapes.

At the same time, the high-precision and high-speed production characteristics of the fin punch machine also provide a reliable guarantee for the production of heat exchangers,

Provided strong support for the high-quality development of the industry.

fin press machine video

Q & A

Q: This machine can produce copper foil?

A: Of course, it can not only produce aluminum and copper materials but also stainless steel and titanium metals.

Q: What fin-pressing molds can be installed on this fin-pressing machine?

A: In theory, all fin molds can be installed, but the size of the mold cannot exceed its maximum range.

Q: How to add lubricating oil for daily maintenance of this fin machine?

A: This machine has three oil tanks for adding lubricating oil, and you only need to press the handle of the oil tank once a day.