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  • aluminum fin manufacturing machine for Heat exchanger

aluminum fin manufacturing machine for Heat exchanger

foil thickness: 0.06-3.5mm

Power supply: 380v/50-60hz

Max width: 450mm

Origin: China quzhou

Delivery time: 65 days

Product Details

Machine Outline

The aluminum fin manufacturing machine is the key machine for the production of the industrial heat exchanger. Its compact design, stable operation, reasonable price, and other advantages have been favored by the market

Through our unremitting efforts and continuous improvement of the machine, the fin machine has now achieved full automatic production, and no one needs to watch the machine, saving labor costs for the factory

Our fin manufacturing machines are usually used in automobile parts, marine cooling products, industrial air conditioners, engine coolers of engineering and mining machinery, aerospace, and other industries

This machine has two specifications, namely, a maximum width of 300mm and the maximum width of 450mm, Using 450mm fin splices, it is possible to produce large industrial heat exchangers

aluminium finned press machine
Delivery time:55 days
Fin materialaluminum
Titanium alloy
stainless steel
Overall dimension135*75*165cm
Fin typesawtooth
window shades
fin max width450mm
Packingwooden case
Power supply380v/50Hz
aluminium fin press machine
robinson fin

aluminum fin machine characteristic

  • Put the main shaft in the central position, the machine runs more smoothly and the power of production is stronger
  • The parallelism of the workbench where the mold is installed is much higher than that of the hand-operated machine. We have added a limit device, which makes it quicker to replace the mold
  • This fin manufacturing machine has a unique automatic lubrication system designed to reduce the wear of the main shaft of the fin machine.
  • Cvt step-less speed change. Our fin machine breaks through the problem that traditional machinery can’t regulate the speed
  • We have optimized the main structure of the machine, and now one person can easily install and debug the mold.
  • To produce different types of fins, you only need to replace the mold at a low-cost
aluminum fin manufacturing machine

fin manufacturing machine working video