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  • vacuum induction furnace for sale

vacuum induction furnace for sale

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Voltage: 380V 50Hz 3-phase

Chamber material: 304 stainless steel

Vacuum chamber size: 1000mm*1400mm

Crucible volume: 120*150mm

Common temperature: 3000 °C

Product Details

Machine Overview

This vacuum induction furnace adopts induction heating technology, with a maximum temperature of up to 3000 °C. Its chamber is made of stainless steel material and equipped with a water cooling system to maintain the stability and continuous working ability of the equipment.

At the same time, the device is also equipped with a quartz observation window, allowing users to visually observe product changes throughout the entire smelting or heat treatment process, providing more intuitive observation and control.

The vacuum induction furnace adopts a high-quality high-frequency induction power supply, which makes the heating process efficient and has a fast heating speed.

To ensure accurate temperature control, the equipment is also equipped with infrared temperature measurement and an intelligent temperature controller, which can monitor and control the melting temperature in real time.

In addition, the cover vacuum induction furnace also has an over-temperature protection function, which can automatically stop heating when the temperature exceeds the set range, protecting the safety of equipment and samples.

Vacuum induction furnace quick details

1Voltage380V 50Hz
2Chamber material304 stainless steel
3Vacuum chamber size1000mm×1400mm
4Crucible volume120×150mm
5Melting capacity5-20KG
6Common temperature3000 °C
7Working atmosphere vacuum or Ar
N2 gas protection
8Temperature controlPID intelligent program
9emperature control accuracy+-1%
10Protection methodPLC intelligent warning
alarm protection
vacuum induction furnace
vacuum induction furnace for sale

vacuum induction furnace application

1, Metal smelting:

Vacuum induction furnaces play an important role in the field of metal smelting. Through induction heating and a vacuum environment,

metals can be subjected to high-temperature melting, alloy adjustment, and refining processes to obtain high-purity and high-quality metal materials.

2, Semiconductor refining:

By controlling parameters such as temperature, atmosphere, and pressure inside the furnace, high-purity,

and low-impurity semiconductor materials can be obtained for the manufacturing of electronic devices.

3, Biological field:

Vacuum induction furnace have a special application in the field of biology. It can be used for sterilization, inactivation,

and degradation of biomaterials or pharmaceutical raw materials through high-temperature heat treatment technology to meet the experimental and application needs of the biological field.

4, Crystal preparation:

Vacuum induction furnaces play a crucial role in the crystal preparation process. Various single-crystal materials, such as metal single crystals, semiconductor single crystals,

and ceramic single crystals can be prepared through technologies such as high-temperature melting and solid-state reactions, and are used in fields such as optoelectronic devices, lasers, and sensors.

5, New material research:

Vacuum induction furnace have a wide range of applications in new material research. It can provide high-temperature and vacuum environments for material synthesis, melting, annealing,

and other treatments to explore the structure, properties, and application potential of new materials, thereby promoting the development of the new materials field.

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